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When I Was High

Updated on July 13, 2016

I am so high

That I wanna fly

High up in the sky

The sky made me drown

Miss me or frown

But I am not coming down

Now I am gone forever

You'll see me, never

Nor hear me, ever

Disappeared like thin air

My soul so spare

Because life's not always fair

For the rich are getting richer

And the poor, poorer

Oh Dear! Oh Dearer!

You Think I am not making sense?

It surely will, in the end

But it'll be too late then, to mend

But you do not worry

And be not always in a hurry

Because there is already so much flurry

So sit back and relax your mind

Go dumb, deaf and blind

The inner self you may find

No it's not the drug that made me high

That made me wanna fly

High up in the sky

It's the world, It's the life, It's the whole mankind

And the answers I could not find

And the answers I could not find...


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