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When I Was a Boy

Updated on March 7, 2010

Remembering Boyhood

I remember not long ago
I was but a boy and had started to grow
Much time spent with family and friends
Much time given to the aged, God-send -
Hearing rich stories of lives well spent
Grasping insights, knowledge and wisdom's light.

Remember traveling from A to B
And had no worries that no one knew me:
Hey Rob.
What's up Mark?
Annie, what time that thing will start?
Neighbors were neighbors
We knew each other's name
And if there was a party
Everyone was gamed.

I remember hanging with neighbors and friends
Playing cricket and scrimmage on any given street

The girl I loved a-coming - sweet.

Remember summer's long days
Spent following life's fun alleys,
Pursuing boyhood ways.
Many days passed with slingshots
Hunting birds in the wild
Others passed by rivers
Catching fish or fun.

Remember having time for family and friends
Dropping in for a visit
No need to announce
Doors were always open
Fun and frolicing began.
Spent time watching TV
Playing board games and more
Passing time, storing great memories - galore.

Remember when in most cases
Adults were revered and respected
Yes sir, Yes ma'am - sweet words to the ear
The elderly assured
Their places held dear.

Remember too when teachers were "gods"
What was said, was said
Students listened and did
Yes sir, No miss...
So we all were bent
And when someone misstepped
On his rear or in his hand
The good rod was spent

Remember time spent in the House of God
Enjoying sweet moments with young and old
Learning truths, messing up
Missing the mark and feared
Would God return and leave me?
Learned of forgiveness, friendship and hope
Basked in the knowledge that with God, with life I could cope.


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