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When I grow up I want to be a nobody

Updated on May 26, 2014

When I grow up I want to be a nobody

When I was born I had high hopes of the future, and promise of a happy life, well, neither came true.

I seen the world so beautiful like everyone else born on earth, but me being apart of this beautiful was not in its design.

I knew I would found inspiration in this life, but when it was found, it let me down, hard.

The others I share this earth with became the darkness I was told never to overcome my light.

My light which we were all born with, I didn't realize it was not guaranteed through out my existence.

I listened to the world around me, but the it never spoke back.

I held tight to hope, but over time it slipped away. In such a short period of my life, I had nothing to look forward to , but to live.

As a child, I should have had guidance about the differences between right and wrong, how to learn from my mistakes, and how to love me.

I was dragged in this world by my legs with my eyes wide open to my life passing me by. My dreams were nightmares, which were my reality.

The pain, oh the pain; it was just doing its job. I see many like me suffer like me , and many watch us suffer.

Our bodies do not seem like our temples, but dungeons of over populated emotions locked away indefinitely.

I was born, but now that I'm older, I ask" why was I born?"

If there is no hope in this life, then what is the point of life? I ask , but no answer, they just pass me by, like they heard nothing , or I didn't exist.

I sought out my wonders, and later forgot each wonder as if they never mattered.

This was because I received no feedback; mother nature is struggling herself to live for her purpose.

In school I learn all I can, and I love learning, even when its good and bad. At least that is what the world I am in is showing me,

That its ok to do wrong, because we will judge you. I tell myself, "well at least I will get attention, and then maybe I can gain guidance, and they will care.

I know wrong is wrong good is good, and also wrong is good.

I see people my age and younger knowing those same ethics, and society accepts it.

There are few that care, some that say they care and act like they care, but I don't feel that they care.

I don't know if they still feel at all, and if they do they are limited to the megabytes of technology.

I guess when I think about growing up, I'm not looking forward to it.

When I grow up, I want to be a nobody, because I have plenty of examples in , around, and through my life.

People just live, and say that it is precious, well how do you know death is not precious?

In life , or at least these days of life is death, good is bad. Even love has come across extinction.

When I grow up, I want death instead of life, but I feel I don't have to wait.

In this life time as we know it, knew it, or perceive it to be is already in the death stages, passing on, and decomposing inside and out.

When I was born, I died moments later.

Where is the compassion.......

My feeling

The peace I seek is the piece of mind we all have,

The path of life is a chance to take,

The moment of truth , are moments that won't last,

The power in you , is the power in me to make,

Alone in the dark makes it harder to laugh,

Being stuck in the moment makes my life drag,

Feeling the will of life, and being denied it , creates a troubling past , eerie future, and a struggling present.


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