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Waiting In Line

Updated on August 27, 2011

Stomach ache..
Feeling bubbly…
Uneasy to sit
Or to stand…
Want to move around..

Time is ticking..
Inside I’m squeezing…
Hoping the time go faster…

I waited for minutes
But it feels like an hour…
Praying for the next to be finish
Hoping for it to be my turn…
To release that fuel…

Gosh its not that fun..
But can be silly sometime…

The pain in that cone…
Is about to burst…

When is it going to be my turn?

Jumping around
Walking around..
Cross my leg…
Squeezing it in
Holding it tight
Breathing in and out
Putting fake smile

When is it going to be my turn?

Sweating inside
Heart is racing..
That bubble feeling is still bubbling…

Ahh…about time..
Race to the door
And release that fuel…


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      HAHAHAHA! Christopher you made me laugh. That was a good one! Thanks!


    • Christopher Dapo profile image

      Christopher Dapo and S. 6 years ago from Havelock, NC

      Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now! :D

      Just had to say it, lol

      I hope it's only ever the worst part of the day and the rest of the day went smooth. :)

      Great poem, chanroth!

      - Christopher