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When Life Continues To Sparkle For All That We Don't Do

Updated on December 10, 2011

Here Is A Hub I Never Thought I Would Write

How our lives are changed for all the things we started and never finished

Maybe not enough love for that particular thing to carry it through to the end

A moment, a pause when we stopped just long enough to forget what we wanted

We lost our desire

Is it a goof or a grave mistake ?

When we didn't follow our plans and make it happen

Maybe it wasn't meant for us to finish and we have left a chance for someone else to carry on

To succeed and do what we had no time to do

If we finished eveything we started then we would do so much less

Maybe our minds needed time to develop and we just weren't ready to handle all the responsibilites

So how does that make you feel ?

Someone special who makes mistakes and continues to admit them

Human I guess

Just terrible and flawed

But at the same time amazingly good

I don't have to be perfect and I have plenty of room for improvement and growth

Now I can eliminate the burdens of life and add the joys of my new found freedom

Don't get me wrong

Not for a minute I will just be laxidisical and not care

I will try hard and finish many projects from the first cut to the last nail

But when there are times that I don't

I won't be ashamed

I will take a step back and love my cat a little more

Even if he did walk on my keyboard and messed things up for the moment

Reminding me again how smart he is

Giving me time to feel the pain of loss and accept it as part of my life

Bringing me a new found wisdom with my thoughts and my inspiration

Wondering how lucky I am to have the right to be wrong

This is like an everybody does wrong sometime song

Come along with me and share my pain

When the paint starts to drip on the floor and I am making a mess

I forgot t ring out the face cloth after a shower and the next day it really does stink

When I promised to do something and I forgot

When I thought I was right and I was not

When I made a mistake that I couldn't fix

It was just to late

Move on and concentrate on the other thousand things you can do better

It is not the end of the world as we know it

Take that silly expression out of your life and make sure it never comes back

Every once and awhile do a systems check and an error report

Make sure to debug ourselves like computer anti virus software has been doing for years

Any thought that hurts more than helps has to be eliminated and sent to the trash pile

Feeling better I hope because I know I am

With that off my chest I can set my course for the unknown and my journey begins again

I want to feel better about myself and let those feelings out more often

For all the things I do or don't do in my life


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      raciniwa I use my intution as my greatest guide but sometimes I am lost or without a place to hide.Thanx so much for reading.

    • raciniwa profile image

      raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      our intuition tells us whether what we do is right or wrong...from time to time we need to listen to that inner, i am reminded that i am not alone...that there are things happening in our life beyond let's leave it at that...

      thank you for this eye opener hub...simply great...

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      LisaKoski I apppreciate all your kind thoughts.I know how hard it has been to get where I am now.How much harder would it of been if I did it all right.Sunnie Day I think it is precious.That you made a mistake on my hubs about mistakes.It shows everyone else ooops silly I am not perfect but my heart is warm and open for everyone to love.Luv you Sunnie Day Maybe Makusar can visit here too.I have to hand it to all woman that multi task.I ave enough trouble doing one thing at a time.Hope you don't mind.I am just glad to see visitors.Admission is always free.We had some popcorn but people ate it all.We are making more right now don't leave yet.Have a wonderful morning.

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 5 years ago

      I am sorry dream on I meant to say Dream on and said Makusar if you will please delete my comment and I will recomment..thank you..I had just read something from Makusar that will teach me..not to do that..haha..

      Thanks Sunnie

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 5 years ago

      Ahhh Makusar.. I loved this so so much..I love it when someone is real..and you my friend are the real deal..Love it! We all fall down..Most of time I am treading water in only two feet of water..Oh its not deep..I thought it was want me to put my feet down..are you crazy..okay I will do it but I do not like it..oh... you were was only two feet forget ALOT too!! It is good to be wrong sometimes because it tells us we are as imperfect as the next guy..nothing wrong with admitting it either..I say unload it all..breathe..and unload somemore..then when we are done unloading we go make somemore mistakes so we can unload them again..Just being human..

      Thank you for a great hub,



    • LisaKoski profile image

      LisaKoski 5 years ago from WA

      I think this piece is awesome. I especially love the line "I don't have to be perfect and I have plenty of room for improvement and growth." This is very well written and inspirational.