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When Life Is Sweet

Updated on May 23, 2012

Like A Nice Piece Of Cake

First we cut a slice then put it down so gently in our plate

Examiing it closely for any flaws

Like it really matters anyway

As we see the light and airy texture so perfect

Cutting it with our fork going in for a closer look

Scooping up a mouthul and noticing how you can balance a bigger piece than you thought

Ready,ready as you practice your aim straight into your mouth

Mighty impressed by not dropping one crumb

Truely amazed how wonderful it tastes

The perfect flavor that makes my mouth water

As soon as one piece is chewed so heavenly I quickly go for the next one

Not wasting any time

As if someone was going to come along and take my cake away

Then I would be left angry

Without having the joy of finishing such a wonderful snack

It is almost as you can not stop

Until that last piece drops

Onto your tongue and the whole process is complete

After ofcoourse scraping any left over frosting scattered across your plate

Now leaving the plate almost licked clean

You could swear it has been washed

A tempting treat that is a wow moment

I set out to eat and when done it was exactly what I expected it to be


Until we meet again

My taste buds have been teased and my stomach also pleased

Sharing a dessert that was more beautiful than its picture and twice as sweet


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