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When Love Calls

Updated on February 23, 2012
Its all about love from favspotting Source:
Its all about love from favspotting Source:
You don't know what love is from wimpers Source:
You don't know what love is from wimpers Source:

When Love Calls

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

When love calls there is no escape. Its seduction is complete and enlivens us to the heights of abandon, the letting go of the mundane, the trite habitual physical lives we endure on this mortal coil. Love forsakes all that is without its purity and casts aside all doubts and fears, allowing the infusion of love’s intent to permeate even the most lost and misguided souls.

Love is a panacea, the living cure for life’s melancholia, and the embodiment of all that is possible in potential of right. Love’s spell is potent and creates a bubble that is impervious to the harsh resolve of lesser thought. Within its arms we are free to explore our true nature and to realise our dreams without the meddling of past failures.

When two souls join in the embrace of love, the strength of union is manifested in profound ways, together far more than joining thoughts, ambitions and values. Love evolves within its host, the radiance threefold its beginnings. When a couple surrenders to love, love moves beyond itself and begins to affect change outside its roots. Love is magnetic, enticing and beguiling, its soft whisper like the warm breath of nature, revitalising and nurturing a soul.

When love calls there is no response accept surrender, for rejection is the stagnation of a dull soul not attuned to life or the gift of possibility. Love can never be wrong in itself, but so often misunderstood, dreams manipulated into an accepted reality. Love cannot die; it is transformed from one facet of the heart to another. Bitterness from a love broken is not from love but from our lost expectations and misunderstanding. Love shines even in darkness and can overcome all; it is we who divert its course, out of fear, doubt and dark thought.

Love can never be found, it seeks us until we are ready to accept it. Then and only then can our souls find true freedom, without the restrictions of the self and will. Love is selfless and demands that of us in expression. Should that not prevail then love become pretence, an illusion of dream.

Sacrifice is love’s calling card, a fundamental action of placing someone else before ourselves. In that we are open of heart and to life’s secrets, the true state of being and the potentials of a soul’s path.

Love can neither discriminate nor give value to an aspiring soul. It simply imparts itself to those open to it, those willing to find truth and face themselves in an honest and vulnerable way. Love transcends all else as the motivation and mirrored expression of life’s core. Love is the binding of creation and a soul’s sharing in the blissful simplicity of life.


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