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Updated on July 18, 2012

Loyalty, the essence of true friendship and the ladder of oneness, the basis of a team and the belief in a course. An act of love and true allegiance to family, nation,group,person is a passion built and sealed with faithfulness.

This is Loyalty and it is a do or die desire...

There is no way you can force a person to be loyal because loyalty is a thing of the heart, it is a desire built with passion and it knows no color,race or class that is why once we believe and agree to remain faithful,we do it with all our might and all our strength.

Being Loyal to a cause is not an easy task because you are faced to uphold any challenge that will come along the way and the same applies to being loyal to your family,this means that whatever happens in the family weather good or bad that you will never say NEVER!

Furthermore, loyalty to an individual is like the golden rule, it is driven by passion and trust therefore,idolizing the person and standing firm with him/her no matter the situation and no matter the battle.

Why should i leave you

This is the time to stay

Where should i go

This is the time to fight

What will i say

This is the time for us

"No matter the wave and the storm,this is not the time to leave you Captain"

Hey! do you know this man?

Look,my name is peter and i don't know who that man is...
Look,my name is peter and i don't know who that man is...

Adam! Adam! where are you?

Father, i am naked...
Father, i am naked...

Even you Brutus?

Why does friends fail when we need them the most?

"Even my friend who ate and dined with me has risen against me, a friend who once promised to follow me anywhere even if it means dying with me"

Et brute Brutus.

In the early hours of the day,she came to me and told me about the dancing hall,we all agreed from day one never to be part of that class but here she is talking boldly about the time she spent last night with Eddy in the hall,there was nothing i could do than to look her in the face and in the eyes and saw treachery all over her. I mean friends are those who listen to what you don't say, they believe in you and pledge to protect your choice.

They stand with you

They agree with you

They plan with you

They support you

They give their words

They watch your back

This is Loyalty but what happens when Loyalty fail?

Charles Taylor

A  good friend of former Nigeria head of state...Olushegun Obasanjo (victim)
A good friend of former Nigeria head of state...Olushegun Obasanjo (victim)

Mushood Abiola (M.K.O)

Winner of the 1993 Nigeria presidential election and friend of former head of state...Babangiga.(Victim)
Winner of the 1993 Nigeria presidential election and friend of former head of state...Babangiga.(Victim)

Our leaders had all systematically betrayed our loyalty, they lie to us and deceive us in believing what is wrong,they put creed before what we all agree,they consider us Aliens in a land where we all agreed to call our nation and the same land we pledged to safeguard with our hands and our blood.

Why do they call us a nation

Why do they call us one people

Why do you have to be me

Why do you have to go in the dark

Where is the love?

I have trust in you therefore my loyalty i have buried because you did not work as promised,though the world might blame me but I am better off than Peter who denied the master without reason and even Brutus who sold the King to be the captain therefore my reason for leaving you in this storm is because of the fact that you did not do what you were suppose to do

When Loyalty fail

Friends fall apart

War is broken

The weak is crumbled

The mighty rows



I have the evidence
I have the evidence

He is a traitor,

He is the second Hitler
He is the second Hitler

Why did you leave this man

Look at what he caused mankind
Look at what he caused mankind

Don't go there

He is loyal.
He is loyal.

Why him

Why this man

He is not the only dictator

That is if he is one

He has oil

He is not loyal

The end of it

O Gaddafi


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