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When Do Accidents Happen ?

Updated on August 14, 2015

When You Least Expect Them

I am sure we have all been there

Some people more than others

I have done so many accidents

I have my own speed pass

At the doctors office they greet me by my first name

Excuse me

Coming right through

I know you have been waiting

I was leaving when you were coming in

A broken arm

From falling out of that tree

Owww That's got to hurt

Look at my ankle

Look at the way it's bent backwards

I broke the other one a few years ago

I was here earlier for a fractured finger

So here I am again

Not even two hours later

My father would say it happened because you weren't thinking

My mother would say boys will be boys

Nobody would listen or care that I said

That really bites it

That kills my day


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