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When My Body Physically Shuts Down

Updated on November 28, 2010

I Close My Eyes Against My Will

Why is it I don't have more energy to push on

I feel like a plane that was ready for take off and now suddenly grounded indefinitely

I take my vitamins and I am in good health

After a long day of work and little play

I sit down to write my game plan

I can spend hours upon hours working out every last minute detail

To ensure everything will go like clock work

But then I notice the clock is not ticking

I have lost the heart of a clock on the wall

How long now will I have to wait

Before Humpty Dumpty takes his famous fall

I try not to think of anything so sad

I convert all my bad thoughts into energy so I can give more

I look for that turbo power that I know does exsist

I let my body function on cruise control

So I can accurately access any damage

I prepare for a battle to the death

There is no turning back after this point

I put my game face on and once again reassure myself I have the greatest confidence behind me and that is enough to guide me on every move

But once again I am plagued by failure as my worst fears increase and all my energy diminishes

I am like rechargable batteries that their power supply has been depleted

It will take time to recharge and fight whole heartedly with my dreams hanging in the balance

I know if I stop this thought I think at this very moment will be lossed

Like a dog who wants to play until the chow bell has sounded

You can only hide for cover or you will be grounded

Once a dear friend now the dog standing over you

Is like King Kong and your very lucky your not dead


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Nellieanna I push on doing everything in my power to reach my goals.I go to work.I write.I read so many other talented writers that inspire me to write better writings.I help my wife and we do so much together.I help my mother when I can.I spend every waking moment of every waking hour trying to bring more success.I know things happen in their own time.I do not rush life.I just am living it till I can't physically stay awake anymore.There is so much to do and I love doing it all.I am blessed with the passion that does not quit.All has never been happier.Finacial burdens have given me more twists than a roller coaster flying at a high rate of speed!I am putting all my ideas to work one by one.If not in life then in my writings that I enjoy so much.I am searchig for a way each day that passes.You are so dear to me.I write about my struggles and journeys daily.I don't know any other way.But to be me.Thanks as always.I hope you keep reading because my best works are yet to come.As long as you can over look I am a little rough around the edges.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      Such gloom feeds on exhaustion and exhaustion feeds on the gloom, dear heart. You must do something DIFFERENT. If we keep doing the same things over and over, we keep getting the same results again and again.

      You'll be amazed what just doing anything DIFFERENT and out of the "mold" will revive you and recharge your spirit. I don't know what is available, but just find something and DO it. Join a choir. Go to the gym. Visit the library. Go out to a movie. Sign up for a dance class. Learn to play a mandolin. Wear something you think will be stared at and BE where it will be seen - and stared at. Could be a Scottish tam, a French beret, or a very bright scarf. But do something OTHER than what you always do.

      You cannot make yourself FEEL differently, but you will feel differently if you DO something else - - which you CAN make yourself do!

      You are very dear to us here. Hugs.