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When My Cats Give Me The Best Advice

Updated on December 8, 2011

Watch Listen And Learn

When we struggle we are learning

Sometimes my cats pace back and forth

They telI me to clear my head and get some needed exercise in the process

Next is a good old head butt to wake me up

Other times they are so gentle with hints and give me little nose rubs in the right direction

If the problem persists they turn to doing something they do best


Now that can't be good

Well if you carefully observe instead of shooting your mouth off you will see

They walk up to the same ground up food and look at it as special

Enjoying every morsel and are so focused they never lift their heads up

Other times they take a few bites and walk away as if they have eaten all there was to eat

Coming back later to fill the emptiness where the food should be

They wine and I wonder what they are doing

Maybe they are not whining at all just problem solving in a cats voice

Talking out there problems so they can hear themselves think

They often cuddle together when they have just fought

They are the masters of their minds

I smart cat who knows love has all the answers

They do go the bathroom an awful lot

Letting the old and the uneccessary things leave their body natures way

They usually instantly come back with a new found energy and bounce off the walls

Exercise is the key

To physically work up a sweat

Working your mind and body as a team

Coordinating their rythm so percise to do any task

That would take years of meditation for our best athletes to do

Never mind when their head is not in the game

You never hear them complain

I can't remember one time they were sick

So let me recap

We are always learning even when we don't have the answers

Never give up

Exercise to work our bodies to relieve stress

Don't sugar coat the problem face it head on

When you have accepted the truth now you can take little steps in the right direction

Eat healthy all the time never turn away food and sulk

Find the littlest thing and make it special

Focus and concentrate like nothing else matters

Be thankful for your food and pray

For they want more but patiently wait

Moderation is the key

Discuss problems and brainstorm constantly

When they are angry they turn to love instead of hate

Using their God given talents to their best ability

Letting nature do it's thing

Do you ever notice we get constipated when aggrivated ?

They are on to something big

They feel energy through their entire body and are motivated instantly

Pushing their body to the limit

Staying positive and health conscious

Well my cats tell me that is all for now

Our human brains can't handle all the things the animal minds do

Now they sit and watch and see what we have learned

They don't hold our hand but have guided us through

To a new chance at seeing life from a new perspective is always nice


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      femmeflashpoint I love dogs too and they have to taught me what they know.They have to go outside to do their business.They look for the best place which could be a tree or a secret spot(their ancestors were pirates who look to find a place to bury their treasure)They chew on rocks and sometimes sticks(Anything to sharpen those teeth)I think they have watched little Red Riding Hood one time too many and they think they are the big bad wolf.Run around in circles chasing their tails.(they figure if people are going to be crazy we might as well join the crowd )Many need to be put on a leash(they just don't listen)Take it from a cat if dog is mans best friend treat them like one (slavery ended years ago we should all be free to come and go)Dogs will eat until they throw up(there is Over eaters Anonymous their owners should sign up their pets they love so much.)They bark all night and sometimes they bite because they are just mean(They have to learn to calm down and meditate more often and remember the good book love thy neighbor not bite thy neighbor.Maybe they need to be brought to school to learn to read so they can be a little smarter.Life is exciting and I still am trying to figure out why they constantly bite themself and make their skin all red and irrated.Maybe they should learn to clean themselves as cats do.If not maybe their lovely owners can bring them in the shower with them once in awhile.Have a great day.

    • profile image

      femmeflashpoint 6 years ago

      D.O. - I would have neverrrrr gotten allllll that from a cat, lol!!

      Very good observation and I'm impressed!!!

      (I'm still sticking with dogs, though. My sister is the keeper of the cats. Wink!)

      Personally, I'm a pacer. Wooden floors are a plus for me so I don't wear holes in any carpet while I'm busy surmising, or waiting on something.

      In that aspect, I can totally appreciate why a cat might pace, be it due to thinking something over, frustration or boredom.

      I have to admit, they have me bested in the cuddling after a fight business. I haven't ever managed to pull that off with any sincerity.

      By the way, I do love cats. I just love them a whole lot more when they live with someone else, lol.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      MehreenM You really say it so special.You use words I can never think of.I love what cats do and how easily they make life.Lucky Cats You explain in great detail what I hinted on.You can narrate all my writings.I am so happy you can explain what I often try to do.Dim Flaxenwick I often wonder when my cats and I first met.We think we chose them.I think they planned it that way and new how to entice us to pick them and they knew all along who would be the boss and who thinks they are boss.Mary615 I am always surprised and shocked what they do next.The Egyptians knew how precious cats were.They were way ahead of the times.b.Malin It is so nice to be taught every day in a different way.Who else is lucky enough to live with not one teacher but two.Thanx and I am overwhelmed by the great feedback and lovely comments.My cats wanted to remind you they thought of it first and they will let me say it as if I thought of it by myself.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      You are so Right "Dream On" we do learn, if we Listen, and Watch, from our Pets...They don't see life as so "Hectic" as we do. I really Enjoyed your Thoughts as well as the Cats in your Hub...Well Said, my Friend, Well said.

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 6 years ago from Florida

      Cats are SO intelligent, aren't they? People don't give them enough credit. Great Hub.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      l love the way you observe and understand cats.

      Then you always manage to turn it towards us as humans,.

      Another gem.

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      All Ups and positives for this one, Dream On...your prose is always so filled with musings, realizations, discoveries, common sense, delight, thoughtful considerings and learning lessons. And this one inspired from the wisdom of your feline friends...a descriptive recognition of what these beautiful creatures are and can share with us. And, now, you've shared it, too. A great hub!!!

    • MehreenM profile image

      MehreenM 6 years ago from Pakistan

      Whoever claims cats are useless should definitely read this hub...what a poetic illustration! But I guess the 'benefits' of cats are not for all to enjoy...only the more observant and meticulous ones are able to understand their wondrous mannerisms and the incredible lessons in those gestures. Loved it, DREAMON.