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When Santa Cries Again

Updated on June 19, 2012

About this hub

For those who have clicked on this hub having not read the first hub. I highly recommend reading this hub first When Santa Cries before reading the one below. This hub will make little or no sense if read before the recommended hub. Thank you.

Kyle's letter to Santa - The next Christmas

Dear Santa,

My name is Kyle. I wrote to you last year remember?

Do you remember Jesse? She’s a girl and she is my best friend.

Thank you for giving my best friend her doll for Christmas. It made her happy. Thank you for giving me lots of Christmas presents too. Jesse came to the hospital last Christmas with her Mum and Dad and she told me that her Mum said that you couldn’t come to the hospital because there was no chimney and that you left my presents at her house. The nurses at the hospital said you left presents at their house too. I was so excited. I didn’t expect it. My Mum was there too and she told me my Dad was very sick and needed help and that I was never a bad boy. I have always been a good boy she says. This made me happy.

I liked all my presents lots and lots but my favorite presents were the ones you left at Jesse’s house. The Jacket Jesse's said was magic and my shoes will last forever. I didn’t believe her at first because she is a girl. But she was right. My Jacket keeps me warm and I don’t get beatings from my Dad anymore. It is really magic. I still wear my shoes every day.

We don’t live with my Dad now. We are in this big house with other families. No Dads live there. Their Dads are sick like my Dad. I share a room with four other boys and we have food all the time. My Mum is happy now. She has a Job. I am happy. Soon we are going to move into our own house. Just me and my Mum.

After last Christmas when we went back to school, Jesse tried to share her lunch with me but I told her I have my lunch and she just about cried and said but I made a promise. I asked her who she made a promise to and she said it’s a secret. So I let her give me half of her lunch so she didn’t break her promise and I gave her half of mine. Breaking promises are bad Jesse told me. When it was cold outside we still sometimes shared one jacket because it was fun and it made us laugh. At the beginning of the year Jesse tried to give me money. I told her she should keep it and that we didn’t need any money. She looked sad and said but I promised. I hugged her and told her me and my mum are ok she looked sad for a while then all of a sudden she looked happy.

Not long after that round about August time Jesse went to her Nanas and had a bad accident and died.

When my Mum told me what happened. I was crying hard, harder than I ever cried before. My Mum tried to make me happy but I was too sad. I miss Jesse every day. When we were at Jesse’s funeral my Mum said she was going to heaven to be with God. I said to my Mum I hope God shares his lunch with her and makes sure she is safe and makes her laugh because she should be happy. Jesse's my best friend you know I said to my Mum and I started to cry again. I couldn’t help it. My Mum hugged me.

Jesse's Mum and Dad looked sadder than me. They were both crying hard like me. After the funeral we went to Jesse’s house and Jesses Mum came over to me and my Mum. Jesses Mums eyes were red from crying. She gave my Mum a shoe box and told my Mum she found it in Jesse’s room. On the box Jesse had written, For my best friend Kyle and his Mum. When my Mum opened it, inside the box was lots and lots of money. I cried harder and harder again. Because my Mum and Jesse’s mum didn’t know. Only I knew that she made a promise. She didn’t break her promise.

I still miss Jesse every day. I still cry, but only a little bit.

So Santa I just wanted to know if you know the way to heaven. Mum says I can’t go to heaven until I’m 100 years old and I can’t wait that long. So I left a Christmas present for my best friend under our Christmas tree and want to know if you can take it to her when you come to bring the other kids presents. If you can, I will be very happy. You don’t need to give me presents. That will be the best present ever if you can take my present for my best friend Jesse who is in heaven. Sorry I don’t know the address and I hope you can find it.

Thank you Santa for everything

Merry Christmas

Kyle's Mum

After reading Kyle's letter to Santa, tears welled in her eyes. When she checked to see what the present was, the tears gave way as she wept. It was the shoe box full of money that Jesse's mum had given her at Jesse’s funeral. She decided to give the box to Kyle as she felt it was the right thing to do.

Her heart went out to her precious son and his best friend.

After wiping her tears and still full of emotion she read the card Kyle had put inside the box.

It said;

To my best friend Jesse. I hope God is a good person and is kind like you. This is for you Jesse, just in case God does not have enough food in heaven. I miss you Jesse. Merry Christmas your best friend Kyle.

Jesse’s mum cried.


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    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Thank you so much for your kind comments.

    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 5 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      Very much touching, beautiful hub

    • one2get2no profile image

      Philip Cooper 5 years ago from Olney

      Beautiful story....very touching.

    • brandasaur profile image

      brandasaur 5 years ago from Planet X

      Kyle's mom is very sweet and kind. Only some mother do check their children's wishlist and give presents to their children. Every Christmas for Kyle and Jesse! I am very touched with this Hub. But i felt sad when Jesse died. Relationship between Jesse and Kyle looks like they're family already like brother and sister, they share everything what does one have. At the end, I really had a teary eyed.

      This story is very touching and very great Hub!

      The title really tells the story!