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When Stars are Bright

Updated on December 16, 2016

Starry night

Shooting Star
Shooting Star

Lost Love

This poem was written in memory of a lady who I was to marry. Funny how that relationship ended without warning and I have never spoken to this lady since that time. We live in the same small town and I see her now and then. I honor her wish and have no contact with her. Never did find out why she decided to end the relationship? And so it goes in a self centered world were only your own wants,feelings and life matter.

When Stars are Bright

A quiet clear night

when stars are bright

memories of you come to mind

Some words I wish were true

You said the stars were ours forever

But we have parted ways

You said that we were through

When skies are clear

on mystical nights

Those words you said

my mind takes flight

Back to the time you said

the stars were ours forever

Now I say I am over you

this it is no lie

But now and then on starry nights

a tear comes to my eye

Sept.22nd 1990

Star Gazing


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