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When The Fun Bus Ends

Updated on July 27, 2012

What are we

That we think

that the game can go on

as it has

do we really consider

understand even

the way things are

on this planet gone mad

The laws that were and are

shall we evade

making codex and script

daring any to disobey?

Shall the damn tell the river

there is no way

or shall the earth

in PBR mode

have it's way

eight seconds for most

is too long for some

tell the ocean to stay

tell the mountains to freeze

shall you try to control the rain

and make each wind a breeze?

i suggest a reevaluation

a change from the norm

where the uncommon becomes common

a preparation for the storm

Don't worry about life

it will continue as it has

but that doesn't mean

that humans are in the same class

time is a friend

to those who understand

gravity and law

We shall all do

as we would have done

Please don't bother to be appalled

just because none are authorized

doesn't make the good book dead

nothing brings the old to new

and the ancient come due

like neglect and nothing said

Now this thing is odd

and I am singing

a worn out tune

good, don't listen

Think me like others

a lune

but you can only dance so long

sing with ears plugging the brain

Then I shall know

these words that flew

were said

regardless of the zoo


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