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When The Gray Hair Goes Missing

Updated on August 8, 2011

It Is Time To Cherish The Few Remaining You Have Left

When the years pass and our bones start to creak

It is a neon sign of so many more things to come

Our hearing sounds different and sometimes life becomes quiet

Our eyes see a little blurry and now glasses become a permanent fixture to our face

Where there was once hair

Now is left completely bare

My wife comes to help

With a spray bottle she waters my head like a miniture garden about to grow

I say I need more than that if you expect my blonde hair to return

She then pulls out a big watering can

Now I am sure I will get at least one hair and it will not be long before they sprout

I wait as time passes

She waters day after day

No sign of life just some morning dew

Thank you for trying everything honey even though we still came up short

Instantly she got a thought

Grabbing the garden hose and giving my top lots and lots of water

I sit and wait in my clothes that are soaking wet

To my surprise I feel something special

I see a weed where all my hair once stood

She laughs and says what did you expect the impossible to happen ?

Out came the Miracle Grow and a quick head rub as she works its way in

I can't wait

I can't wait

Now I hope to have a harvest from ear to ear

Life with no hair is now wonderful

As I pick cherry tomatoes all summer and well into the new year


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