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When The Landscapes Escape Us.

Updated on January 2, 2010

When The Landscape Escapes Us.


The last unspoiled wilderness,
was shrunk down

and placed on a DVD
for all mankind to peruse in the
midst of civilized chaos.

Photographed and

digitally saved just weeks

before they drilled for more oil,
built a casino and resort there,
added some condiminiums
two shopping centers,
a landfill and a ski resort.

It became a electronic
postage stamp to what was,
and oh, how the

nature starved people
ooohed and ahhed,
grateful for a peek at what
they could no longer enjoy.

Children were told it was
once a magical place

and that they should

always preserve this picture
to show their great grandchildren

who were sure to be deprived

of a mothering nature,

when they were

sired from a population

that was now living in

high rises that were
blotting out the mountain

and the sunsets....

and offering cellular towers

in place of trees.



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