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When The Siren Never Stops

Updated on January 5, 2011

Don't Look Now

We have all heard the loud siren of a fire engine coming down the street

We all know what it means to move over there is an emergency !!!

Sometimes we are caught by surprise

Other times we see the bright lights heading in our direction

I get chills up and down my spine everytime

I get myself all worked up and wonder what could of happened now ?

Many times I will never know

I soon forget and then my day goes on like normal

But for some people their life will be changed forever

I wish the people in trouble or in need of help could all be saved and safe

A fantasy I dream constantly

What gives me the right to wish other dreams that are so far from reality ?

I know I have no control over anyones future

But when my dreams don't seem to materialize the way I so deperately wanted

I know there are more important things happening that take presidence

But then will there ever be a right time

There is always an emergency somewhere that needs special attention

How can I sound the alarm in my life

So I can come running with great speed and accuracy

To perform to my best of my ability

Through training and practice

Feel my adrenaline rush

One that pushes my body beyond any physical limits

How can I program myself

To sound that alarm again and again

Expecting the same result and the same return

Putting my best effort forward and not letting nothing stand in my way

I have my mission

i have my plans finalized to every last detail giving a full descriiption of what happens and what I expect my outcome to be

So all I can say is sound the alarm

I will look to see or hear it as clear as can be

Follow me

For we can do it

We have all the talent and knowledge

Now we just put all the pieces together

To do what we are destined to do



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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      K.Burns Darling You are a good mother.You act on instincts and are always ready just incase trouble arises.The cell phones can give you piece of mind and now you can sleep at least near the cell phone where you can hear it.(lol)They have survived and have grown up and they have to make some mistakes on their own.Just like you they have to learn.Within reason.Thank you for sharing your wonderful and caring nature.That is a great quality to be admired.

    • K. Burns Darling profile image

      Kristen Burns-Darling 7 years ago from Orange County, California

      When I hear sirens, I quickly count heads, if all my little chicks are in the nest, I breathe a sigh of relief.... If not, well....This is why my teenagers have cell phones, not for them, but for me, their sometimes neurotic mother.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Micky Dee That's all we can ever ask from ourselves.It is so nice to see others who share the same struggle trying to be their best too.Even though we are all trying to reach our own individual best we can still work as a team and watch and help others succeed along the way.Christopher Price That must of been scarey.I wonder if nuclear weapons were fired would it really matter what anyone did.It is so terrible to grow up in fear.We only had fire drills incase of emergency go single file down the corridor and remain quiet.Thankfully we never had to worry about bomb threats or a terrorist activities.I feel for so many children today.Nighthag just trying to open up are minds and let all the good things in life in.Carolina Muscle as a trainer and body builder you know only too well what it is to be focused and dedicated.I wish we all could have that mind set.Thanks to you all and I can see this is going to to be one wonderful New Year.

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Thoughtful and interesting!!!

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 7 years ago from Australia

      always inspiring, great work

    • Christopher Price profile image

      Christopher Price 7 years ago from Vermont, USA

      When I hear the town siren begin to wail a chill shoots up my spine and I think of my early school days when we practiced nuclear air raid drills and we were told by the nuns to crouch under the desks and don't look out the windows.

      When the siren stops after a couple of seconds I still take a deep breathe, realizing I had barely inhaled for fear the sinister sound would continue until the blinding flash of light stopped everything.

      When I hear a siren from a police car, ambulance or fire truck I just look to be out of the way so the professionals can do their jobs, thankful they are able to respond.


    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Very nice DREAM ON! Let's just do it the best we can. God bless!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Carrie 450 I know we can make time for the important things in life.We just have to keep reminding ourselves and keep our goals clear in our minds.Dim Flaxenwick I try to look at the bright side.Rhonda Waits Life is full of surprises and I am just one of them.Thanks everyone and lets enjoy all the good things we see and have.

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      DREAM ON I see you coming down the street, with your siren sounding. You have arrived your here. Such inspiring words well written. Happy New Year.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 7 years ago from Great Britain

      your optimism never ceases to amaze me. You must be a wonderful person to be around-.

    • carrie450 profile image

      carrie450 7 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      Something for us to think about DREAM ON. We all have a mission to do the best we can in this life. A very well written hub.