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When We Lose Our Spot

Updated on November 17, 2016

How Do We Get Back There

We waited in line

We served our time

Then as we go to pay

We realize we have left our debit card in the car

We got gas earlier and stuck the receipt with our card

In the little flip top compartment of the car

An honest mistake

I look at the clerk at the register

With confusion and bewilderment

Just as she is about to ring in the item I was about to purchase

I quickly tell her I forgot my card

I don't carry cash anymore

I will have to hold off on that

She is Spanish and the people behind me our foreign too

I will be right back

I don't think I should have to wait in line again

The lines are six or seven people deep

I waited about twenty minutes to get this far

So off I go

Hurrying to my car

I am relieved that my debit card was where I thought it was

I still wasn't one hundred percent certain

As I reached into my mind for a logical answer

if it wasn't there

Then I lost it

That's not good

I am mad at myself for being careless

I had a busy day it happens

I do a little jog back into the store

I look for the girl at the register

I see her and she is ringing another persons order in

I stand close to the end of the isle

Waiting patiently for her to acknowledge me

I know she is busy with a customer

I was a customer too

I look one line and see it eight no nine people deep

Then I see each line longer than the one before

I see the next person standing impatiently

While the people behind them eagerly wait

I start to say something

So I can be noticed

I wanted to say

I was just in line

Remember I had no money

I gave the item for you to hold

I didn't say those exact words

I think you must of known what I meant

She never looked at me

She started ringing in the next order

I knew I would have to speak up louder

Be more forceful and that would be at least five more minutes to wait

I watched as all the items were piled high like an ice cream sundae about to topple

I decided it wasn't worth the fight

I walked around the entrance again

Found the same item I got earlier

Scanning the lines

To see the smallest

I remember waiting a half hour ago

When I did the same thing

Changing one line to the other

When I seen the line come to a complete stop

Not knowing the mix up

Was it because of a new employee or a price check

Amy problem could keep me ten minutes longer

Little did I know that was going to be nothing compared to what I am about to wait

I see a shorter line

Other people are busy talking and don't seem to care

I quickly move to that line

Less than five minutes I'm done

Wow I got a good break

I was so happy

I didn't seem to care about my earlier problem

Then I wondered how many people have gone through a similar situation

I would love to hear it

If not at least you can have the next laugh on me

Maybe it will bring a little joy to your day of sadness

Even change a boring day and make it a little more interesting



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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      23 months ago

      Jodah Thanks for sharing you lessened the blow. I think there were a couple other times I will tell you later. Off to work. Thank you again for reading.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      23 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Dream On, it is an embarrassing situation. I once filled up the car with fuel and when I went to pay realised I had left my wallet at home...they gave me 24 hours to pay or they would report my registration number to the police. Another time I asked a female co-worker out to lunch. I wanted to impress her by paying for the meal, but once again forgot my wallet and she had to pay for both our meals...very embarrassing and it did not impress her at all.


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