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When Will Christ Come

Updated on May 25, 2011
The Christians Awaits
The Christians Awaits

A Poetric Reflection On The Coming Of Christ

They long for you

Even in their distress

Unfashionable cloths

Shabby looks in their smiles

Empty bowels and thirsty

Unacceptable to the world

A world of luxury and pleasure

They strife to lose an appetite

Friends forsake they

Family disown

Oh to the nation

Declared a social misfit

And yet longed for you

Even in their hurts

But when shall it be

The Sahara longs for rainfall

Terrified like a quaked land

Not to lose their faith

Ending up like those

Yearning like a lover

Craving to makelove to the lover

Yet abound the fear

Not to lose their faith

A world of luxury and pleasure

Still they long for you

When shall thou cometh

The Christians awaits your coming


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