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When You Think You Have It And You Don't

Updated on October 7, 2016

More Days Than I Care To Remember

You start off with a vision

Which keeps building over the years

Developing into our new reality

So this is how the story goes

Unfortunately it doesn't have the ending I want

So I change it in my mind to the outcome I desire

The month is October

What a coincidence it's this year

The year is 2016

My thoughts were very strong in 2015

Thinking and observing life every day

Wait till next year begins you'll see so many changes

In a direction I never could of imagined

I will have more time than now

Because I have been practicing my writing daily

I feel my thoughts flowing faster

Clearer than before

It is easier to stay focused

I have established some wonderful followers

My personal life is doing well

My wife and I have reached fifteen years married

I can't believe it's been nineteen year since our first date

Work is even pretty good and the people I know work good together

My sex life is off the charts

All I have to do is organize to eliminate years of clutter

I have always had a problem

When the past meets the present

It's like when Abbott and Castello meet the mummy

You never know what to expect

I had dreams that turned to sour grapes

I can't decide what I should do

Make raisins or wine

The next year begins

A few new menu items added at work

Because I am a cook

That gives me a lot more work for the same pay

Changes are happening I can't control

My wife diagnosed with Cancer of the Uterus

My whole world starts to turn

My oldest brother who had a double lung transplant

Went from doing great to having some issues

Later this year we hit a deer

My wife had cancer surgery

Recovered remarkably well

They removed it all

No chemo or radiation

All my prayers have been answered

My wife is my life

I am ecstatic

Each year we talk of our future

How we will grow old together

Way past our nineties

For now that is at least forty years from today

Well this is when things get busy

One of my favorite aunts gets dementia

She moves out of her home where she has been living all my life

She gets settled into an assisted living

I try to find time to visit

It is never easy

Slowly she is having more and more difficulty

My sister in-laws mother dies

She was suffering with dementia and alzymiers for years

So sad to see such a wonderful woman go

It was no way to live

A life of pain and suffering

One nephew bought a condo

Which I wish him the best the world has to offer

He has had his share of troubles

It's so nice to see him doing well

My other nephew became Mayor

In the city I spent my whole childhood and half of my adult hood living there

I couldn't be happier for him and his family

Now this is where things get complicated

The Mayors father my brother passes away

My sister in law recently moves to be next to her daughter

So I offer to help clean out the house and be supportive

That requires time

We do what we have to do

We cut into our plans and make time

A good friend loses his mother

Another one of my friends is busy with his father

Who also is coming down with forms of old age

Looks like dementia too

I start therapy two times a week

For my neck that hasn't been right since the car accident

We had extensive damage to our car but it is repaired and looking and running great

Our second car just hit 444,444 miles I am overjoyed

Five people at work leave

Hired new help replaces them

It's not the same

My wife needed six weeks off for surgery

I depend on her

It makes me realize how much I miss her

We both drive together to work and home again

Now I do the long drive all by myself

We drive three hours every day

I do good driving during the morning

At night my driving becomes sketchy

My writing gets me through

Even the toughest times I know

Another friend who was my coworker for years loses his mother

A neighbor who is a sweetheart for years has Parkinson Disease

Another neighbor who is her sisters husband also dies

My mothers house which sadly had to be sold

Is in shambles

The front lawn left uncut as he tears apart the house

Furnture and broken wood left outside

I heard a water pipe broke

How true I don't know

The new owner loved my childhood home

He loved a lot of it's charm and planned to fix the house up nice

I drive by it every so often

My stomach does flip flops

So I'm not making up excuses

Just reporting the facts as they come

Lacking order and reason

In the news many childhood stars have passed away

This is an election year

All we hear is one candidate bad mouthing the other

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

I feel feel neither candidate is qualified to become

The President Of The United States

Such a prestigest office

I am not a political person

I am just concerned

My future and the world is in the balance

Some of our best sitcoms came to and end

Mike and Molly for one

So as I grasp the little and the huge surprises

My sex life is cold

We had to put it on hold

While my wife is on the mend

She is exercising more than she ever did before

Once again I couldn't be happier

The summers been beautiful and only a few hot days

The yard and our home should look better

In our garden we had more tomatoes than ever

One reason is we only grew tomatoes and celery

I knew we would have limited time

What I didn't know was how little

Two other good friends are having martial problems

I hope they work it out

Finances have been tight

Who doesn't struggle from time to time

My writings have been pretty consistent

I clear my mind and write

Turning my little set backs into adventures

My bigger struggles into a novel

I am always blessed with an abundance of love

That is where my story starts and ends

The middle is something I am still figuring out

So if your like me and have a lot going on

Lift up your sail and let nature set the course

Great sky of blue

I am coming towards you



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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      2 years ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I try to listen to the talk shows and get the scoop on everyone. It sometimes does the opposite and I am more confused than ever. Thank you for so many comments 2017 is a wonderful year.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      2 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      This autumn arrived like any other but I am so nervous about the elections in November. This year I have a major problem. During the summer my US passport expired. You see I have dual citizenship but I still need to keep my passport current. The problem was that to renew it the cost is a bit over $100 and right now we have no extra money. That means that I cannot vote at the US Embassy and I also don't know how tolerant they will be about my passport when I finally do get to renew. They are very watchful over us US citizens and want us to be ready for any emergency which now I am not. So I sure hope 2017 will be much better and of course I hope the best candidate will be President but at the moment I don't think it's either of them.


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