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When You Whisper In My Ear

Updated on July 4, 2010

When you whisper in my ear
Your love removes all the fear

You stay the same no matter what
Your love flows through the wind
As I walk this long road

When you whisper in my ear
I hear the sound of love so close
Your love is a whisper true and full of grace

As I travel, I long to touch your face
I long for your awesome embrace.

Your whisper is low but it flows through my heart
Your hand sustains me as we move through this time

Please help me to hear
Your whisper in my ear
Take my heart and make it clean
Please let me hear your whisper in my ear.

Written by Betty Bolden
Jesus Is My Joy Ministries


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    • jesusmyjoy profile image

      Betty Bolden 7 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

      awesome Dave

    • DavePrice profile image

      DavePrice 7 years ago from Sugar Grove, Ill

      I just found your hubs, and I must say, I think I'll be here awhile.

    • profile image

      pastella13 7 years ago

      You have such a talent for writing and what a beautiful dog with you in your photograph.

    • sharon e dix profile image

      sharon e dix 7 years ago

      Can one watch a sun rise and forget it . Can you see a sun set and forget it, can one see the sun and forget it. The bible ask , can a bride forget her bride gown.The answer is no , so after reading the love that flows from the river that can not run dry that is the love you have for the Lord . Any one who comes to this site will never forget you . As you sow into others may others sow back into you .. thanks again Sharon e Dix

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 7 years ago from Wales

      Beautifully written, well done!

    • Loves To Read profile image

      Loves To Read 7 years ago

      Jesusmyjoy what a beautiful heartfelt poem. It is so awesome to hear the voice of our Lord speaking softly to our spirit. Thank you for sharing sis.

      Hope all is well with you and yours.

      Love and Hugs

    • profile image

      Denizee 7 years ago

      So honest, and a uplifting write - very poeticly fashioned of the whisper; inside of you lives a gift, a gift from the Lord and through him your words have brought joy to so many. Stay well, and keep writing - D

    • profile image

      pastella13 7 years ago

      You have such a beautiful way with writing. It comes sraight from your heart.

    • djbraman profile image

      djbraman 7 years ago

      What a beautiful description of the voice of the Holy Spirit!

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 7 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      This poem is as beautiful as you!! Thank you so much! I LOvE YOU!!!!!!! Blessings!

    • profile image

      EnLydia Listener 7 years ago

      your poem is the song of my heart...Blessings

    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 7 years ago from HubPages, FB

      Thanks sis.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 7 years ago

      jesusmyjoy, Beautiful Expression! Thank you for sharing,In HIS Love, Joy & Peace! Take care! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

    • jesusmyjoy profile image

      Betty Bolden 7 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

      awwww thank you all so much

    • profile image

      "Quill" 7 years ago

      Lovely and touches the heart in the early morning... have a blessed day of hearing Sister.


    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 7 years ago from Manila

      Indeed a beautiful piece of poetry. Very inspiring. Thank you for posting this hub. It is wonderful to hear from you again Betty Bolden. Hope everything is just fine with you. Regards.

    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Michael Adams1959 7 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      What a beautiful writing, I enjoyed this very much. You have a gift, God blessed you.