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When Your Cookie Crumbles It Is Time To Make Crumb Cake

Updated on January 25, 2011

Lets Have Fun

When another day is falling apart

We have to keep going but we do not know where to start

It is time to take everything we have learned and throw it out the window

Todays the day nothing will work

If you have tried and tried

Again and again and have failed over and over

Don't worry no more

I have one solution in the mix

It is time to change what we couldn't fix

Take a deep breath and breathe out really fast

Do it again and again

Are you dizzy yet ?

That's what you get for listening to me

You have to set yourself free

From all obligations and the worst of situations

At least on paper

Where we can have so much fun and not hurt anyone

I want you to sing from the top of your lungs

Wow that noise is hurting my ears

Please stop

Only joking sing away

I have my earplugs in now

I can't hear you

I can see the neighbors dogs barking

We just are going to continue to have more fun

What happens if we put the biggest smile on our face and hold it for ten minutes

Yes ten minutes

No cheating

I am watching you

My jaws and cheeks are beginning to ache

My lips are going numb

O.k. I agree with you that was pretty dumb

Now reach you hands to the ceiling from the seat that you are sitting

Come on you can do so much better than that

Pretend you can grab the ceiling and pull it down

Pull, pull keep pulling until I hear that crashing sound

Now we have caused another great mess

Open your eyes real wide what do you see

Open them wider

Can they go any wider

Do you feel like a bug and something out of a creature double feature

Now close your fist real tight

Watch your your hand turn white

Has the cirulation stopped

Well when your hand starts to shake uncontrollably

Relax and feel the hand cramp

Oh that hurts

Now plant your feet on the floor

Lift all your toes up

Wiggle them as fast as you can

What purpose is this

I don't know but I did this and you followed

Who is sillier me or you

I don't care

I just found a way to get some relief with a few minutes of fun

None of my troubles have gone away

But now I am going to take two aprins and a nice tall glass of water

I should of did this an hour ago

I am going to take a quick cat nap and then

I will feel refreshed ready to tackle all my problems one by one

They might not get solved today but I TRIED A DIFFERENT APPROACH THAN MANY

To reach for stars when I can't see any


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      8 years ago

      That sounds like good advice.Thanks for reading.

    • David Alderson profile image

      David Alderson 

      8 years ago from Cat Lovers, Indiana

      Take two aprins and call me in the morning......


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