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When You've Discovered

Updated on November 27, 2013

When they say you'll never amount to anything
close your eyes, and know it's just another lie
some will be upset because you don't listen
if it was the truth, perhaps it would be worth
soaking in.

It's a fallacy to believe you are alone
of course no one answers when you cry
they don't believe in you
it's a disaster waiting for someone to understand
they'll never leave you any sugar
just pour coffee on your feet.

Purposely you've tried to do everything right
You've counted all the glittering stars at night
Paper money falls from your hands
you can never hold on to it tight

Ignorance makes them so blind
unaware of the fact everything happens in it's divine time
unaware of the lessons that appear
their smacking kiss leaves you with a nice sunburn

There is no reason to hate yourself
or wait by the phone
it's better to be alone
rather than be with someone
that desires to break your heart or make you cry
forget about all those lies they desire to write
as they determine your script.

Perfection will never be enough
you can never live your life truly being a people pleaser
happiness never comes when you hold on to that anger so tight
you'll never find a lover if you don't becom love under the moonlight

You know you have to do what is right
instead of being a shadow in the face of those that don't care
You were never meant to suffer
Walk into the sunshine, your smile seems brighter
celebrating the fact you'll never be alone
all those new faces seem so bright
the heart seems lighter as it twists and turns
in the middle of the night.

Be the light in the darkness of every dreary cloudy night
forever love burns an eternal flame that never runs out of pure light
It's so peaceful when you learn to turn off all the negativity in life
entering the positive sphere that radiates light
it's so perfect as glitter scatters everywhere.

Victory comes when you understand your life is worth more
than anyone else could ever discover.
True love can never make you blind
it sees so clear through the white lies
it's a magical moment when you've discovered
God holds you so close and dear.


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