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When A Man Doesn't Love A Woman

Updated on March 1, 2017

When a man doesn't... then he doesn't see her first

When a man doesn't love a woman he doesn't see her at all,

he sees his own reflection in an idea,

in a version of what a woman should and could be,

that's when a man doesn't love a woman,

and he sees her not at all,

then a man can also not love a woman and see her,

but her sees her and he looks right and left and right past her,

that's another moment in time when a man doesn't love a woman,

then a man could look at a woman and see her for a minute and he could see her first but he chooses not to see her at all,

and that's when a man doesn't love a woman that can move past the nanoseconds it takes for our brain to elicit an emotion,

not an emoticon,

that could take light years,

away from the moment,

but then when a man who does love a woman doesn't see her it's momentary, because he will see her when he's prepared, and that love will prosper and grow and never be futile

since the goal isn't for a man to love a woman,

and the goal isn't a goal at all, in fact,

a man could love a thousand women,

but when a woman loves a man,

she doesn't just see him first,

she sees him in the beginning, in the middle, in the end,

and it all moments hitherto in between,

because the woman sees the man in almost everything and that's the woman

this woman sees no man,

this woman sees no man, past the past and past the man on the street and the past

of this woman,

loves a woman

who gave her life and joy and love,

and this woman wants to meet a man that could love a woman like that,

and it's just not simple because love is anything but it isn't simple,

and that's not true when a man doesn't see her first,

but maybe one day it could be.

a woman with a dog


another woman


my favorite woman (left)

when a man loves a woman--Percy Sledge


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