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When cats are kings

Updated on August 3, 2014

Never Knew it when I was small

Natural and beautiful
Natural and beautiful | Source

Bringing home the Cat

Crouching behind the refrigerator,

My pet kitten would surprise my mom with am sudden lunge

On most sunny days baring its teeth like an alligator

Be happy perched on my 2-seater in a bunch

If you include those antics you see

The cunning ways it corners its prey its meal to be

It then comes silently to sneak back to me,

Then you should consider deep jungle fantasy.

Inklypom tinkly tom, iddly puddly dungly bom.

Window seat for me

Breaking in the cat was difficult.

But it happened anyhow: clean and horrible simultaneously dealt

Shirking all dirt as is normal with its cult

Feasts of frogs and live snakes and things that smelt,

They curl up on window ledges quite aptly

They leave their bed quietly,

To check out the new intruding insect or bird deftly,

Beguiling tactics reduce numbers abruptly.

Inklypom tinkly tom, iddly puddly dungly bom.

More the merrier

Marvels of nature
Marvels of nature | Source

Me and my cat

Never in need of sandwiches or a shower,

Equally charming at tea time as at supper,

Sometime they tuck themselves in front yard bower,

Or creep and sleep among the shoe and slipper.

Every morning and evening seems to be same,

Without my cat I would be quite lame,

Even though this feeling is hard to tame,

It sometimes is much more than any game.

Inklypom tinkly tom, iddly puddly dungly bom.

My children my kitten

Events come and go quickly in time,

Anniversaries and celebrations,

Some like birthdays others find these sublime,

My cat produced kitten in rations.

They kept their spots and though some had glorious color,

They still creep behind the refrigerator to show their valor,

As if the skill is in its blood only they are smaller,

Although trees have grown taller.

Inklypom tinkly tom, iddly puddly dungly bom.

Mom and her kittens

Night outs are cool

Spring’s mischief, and rat’s nemesis,

Has a tail that swings and threatens,

Warm spot on the porch is bliss,

Heads off nightly on its hunt and returns.

Often with a prized catch,

Sometimes has it down it hatch,

Lies down curled in its patch,

At the foot of the bed after a stretch.

Inklypom tinkly tom, iddly puddly dungly bom.

Life goes on

When my cat has a bountiful crop I gather the kitten,

Load them in the cart and swish my crop,

The whip bites through the mitten,

Mew-mew all through until I stop.

Cat lovers in the neighborhood are few,

Yet I can spare one or two,

To those who are new,

And will feed these kitten milk and stew.

Inklypom tinkly tom, iddly puddly dungly bom.

Today there are many homes with refrigerators,

And cuddly fur balls that creep and pounce about,

Like clock springs or alligators,

You know they retain their spots and relish their bout.

Their jungle is the porch and backyard,

Which they zealously do guard,

Insects and young birds do find life hard,

Dodging the claws of this pard.

Inklypom tinkly tom, iddly puddly dungly bom.


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  • snerfu profile imageAUTHOR

    Vivian Sudhir 

    5 years ago from Madurai, India

    Hello Prairieprincess, cats definitely rule the land wherever they are. Thanks for the follow.

  • prairieprincess profile image

    Sharilee Swaity 

    5 years ago from Canada

    This is such a sweet little poem! I love that you title it "When cats are kings." I know my three cats definitely are some kind of royalty, ha ha. And you show how they go through the seasons ... very sweet. I enjoyed it. Take care, and now following!

  • snerfu profile imageAUTHOR

    Vivian Sudhir 

    5 years ago from Madurai, India

    Ha ha okay. I like the smile.

  • Miss Info profile image

    S T Guy 

    5 years ago from New York City

    Cats okay, but you gotta love puppies too. Lol.

  • snerfu profile imageAUTHOR

    Vivian Sudhir 

    6 years ago from Madurai, India

    Thank you dreamseeker2. It is indeed a special feeling.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Liked it! : ) Found it very interesting. If you have read my hubs, you must know I love kitties. That is what drew me to this one...your title. Voted up!


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