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When god dwells there to

Updated on November 27, 2009


When god dwells there to

Somehow i find it strange

I have  this philosphy

This belief

And i live my life

With hope

And love

And with god in my heart

And yet some how

Theres this anger

This violence

It creeps to the surface

And screams to be free

No how can there be a monster like this inside of me

If god is in my heart


How can i devote myself so much

And still feel as if

Theres this beast inside

Where is it that this burning hatred comes from

Where is it that the love goes

And how can there be anger in my heart

How can there be evil in my heart

When i know god dwells there to

How can a heart be so confused

So lost

And how can a man

Just not know what to do

And how can  a man feel safe being around anyone

When he knows

At anytime

At any moment

That rage

Could shut the door on the love

On the hope

On god

On its made all the worse when you know the anger isnt the worst thing that dwells in this mans heart


Theres a bigger monster

One that sleeps

And only comes out when no one else is awake

But it would terrify all

But none so much as this man

But how


How can this be

When god dwells there to





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