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When in War...

Updated on June 21, 2011
Support our Troops... -USN, Juan
Support our Troops... -USN, Juan

Reality (Personal writing/poetry)

When shall I be shown?, when will I not be alone?, I may be strong but everything is prone...Here I fight and pray, but not knowing is my dismay...To be or not to be?, Tis that is the question at hand, for thus I shall remain in chaos that happens on this land, for this is reality, and its as real as the sand...

My presence is in a third world country tinted in red, for life is the payment for water and bread, and thus the only result shall be, "bloodshed...", When thus your bosom sleeps on a mattres, with silk sheets coping every inch of skin just remember theirs death and poverty sewn in...I fight for the red and I fight for the blue, but it takes a man to do what I do...I may feel alone but its never shown, thus I need to carry on, and ponder about this no more.

I come back from my surreal world, the reality sinks deep into my soul, I feel the cold...

I come back from my surreal world, and feel my wet and heavy dog bowl, for the enemy is coming and I pick up my rifle which never shoots dull, for this is reality, and I must keep this mentality.


There is always more than life shows, we are engulfed in a(n) society that is enclosed for open your eyes to the world, "unknown..."

Thank you for your time & support our troops- for freedom simply is not, free.

-USN, Juan-


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