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When you look at the world

Updated on January 13, 2017

When you look at the world
What you can see?
I see some sadness
I see me

Money seems to win
Evil seems alive
When I look at the world
I am not mine

When I write these words
I can tell you how I feel
If you feel somehow the same
We are in world still

There lots of ways to escape
All of them seems fast
None of them has work
None of them has last

Is it only the lonelyness?
Lack of motivation
If it is some kind of illness
Then the world needs medication

When I think about the people
The world still the same
Everyone looking at their own
And no one feel the shame

Everyone is working hard
To feed this old system
The news always the same
The prince won again

You may tell me I am wrong
I can say that I am right
My opinion doesn't matter
It may only be my mind

You may tell me I'm not mature
You may tell me I'm crazy
I could answer really fast
But I rather look and wait

But when you look at this world
Not everything seems lost
When you see it's not all done
Because everyone is lost


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