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When you look back

Updated on March 12, 2012

Life's beauty

The beauty of life

We all think about this and wonder what will it be like in the end. We do not wish to get there so soon as we want to experience all we can in our life. We all have a wish list of all the things we hope to do in our lives and we may not achieve each and every one of them but we still have the desire and a sense that time will always be there for us. There is so much to ponder about life and chance and the directions we take and the choices we make that seem to be set though we always feel we are in control and responsible for how we live.

It's been written about before and it will no doubt be written about again so I feel it is ok for me to write about it as well. It is about the mysteries that involve our very own existence. It seems like a complete mystery how we evolved and came to be. When you think about it you can't help but feel we are all here by the grace of God. It truly is a miracle that we have been given this beautiful gift of life. I often wondered how our lives came to be as it seems that it was all preordained and the time to which we were born, the place, and when we die is also predestined and decided upon by a higher power.

We all have our own internal beliefs that are shaped over time and a faith that sometimes is tested but is important to maintain all throughout our life. We also know that as one person we can do so much and touch so many and we also can be touched by others and are influenced by so many people we will encounter on our incredible journey of life. It is enough to make grown men weep and take note as they realize the beauty and the mystery surrounding life. As we reflect on a life lost and we say our final goodbyes in our thoughts and our actions we have to confront the inevitable and allay our fears and apprehensions. We start to realize that life is not forever and we best get on with living and doing all we can before it is our time.

I could write so much about this mystery of life but it would be just a compilation of my own thoughts and ideas with no factual content but in the end when we really think about it even the scientists have a difficult time explaining the origins of life and we all reference the bible for many accounts of early life and the prophets who spoke and chronicled the time and wrote about it in scripture.

I also wonder how it is determined who lives in the human form and who lives in the animal form. We all have held a kitten or pet a dog or looked at a fish swim in its little aquatic habitat. They indeed are bestowed life and are living and touch us as well. There is something very important in bonding with animals. Did you ever see a child ride a pony and the look of joy on their face. It is truly wonderful to see such a bond. We all have a love of animals and our lives are truly enhanced with those bonds we develop with them. A dog is a wonderful part of any family and they serve their masters well and have been nicknamed "man's best friend." The living creatures come in all forms and the ones I feel have it the hardest are the insects. They have the odds stacked against them as they live in a very threatening world. The bees are truly "man's little helper" as they are responsible for making the world's supply of honey and other sweet and beautiful things that we have come to rely on.

The one image I will always remember and say I enjoyed in my life is the chirping sound of the birds in the early morning. This is such beautiful music to my ears and it makes us all appreciate nature and it's beauty. I also love the sound of the waves at the beach in the early morning. Catching the sunrise as you walk briskly by the water's edge is something I will hold on to in my memory bank throughout eternity. The days I share with my son on the beach watching him build his sandcastles will also stay with me when I look back on all the wonderful things in my life. The drives to the beach with my parents in the winter time when I was just a kid and the visit on the boardwalk drinking hot chocolate with my family still flood my mind and bring a smile to my face as I remember my parents during a very happy time in my life.

Eating ice cream as a kid on Coney Island with my parents will be a special treat I will always look forward to replaying in my mind because being a kid is a memory we all try to hold on to as we age and look back on our life. Eating ice cream with my wife and son at our son's favorite ice cream shoppe will also reside in my memory when I look back on the many wonderful moments of life. The one memory that will be my most proudest would be the birth of our son. I will always cherish that moment when I saw our son for the very first time and how tiny and precious he was. He is a growing boy now and I feel incredibly blessed and love him with all my heart. God and my wife have blessed me with the best gift I could ever hope for and I will always hold on to the many magical and happy moments we share as a family. Life is so much more meaningful when you share it with family.

Movies have played a big part in my life as well and simple things like spending time with my son at a movie of his choice will play over in my mind as I ponder all the many precious moments that sum up my life. My most favorite movie of all time is the Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed classic, "It's a wonderful life" which is a wonderful story that takes place at Christmastime and illustrates how one life touches so many others and how we don't realize it until we become desperate. It is then that the one's we touch come together to show their love and appreciation.

Simple things like anticipating a white Christmas and seeing the snow fall from the window in the wintertime or watching a baseball game with my mom or treating my wife and son to a day out at the ball park in the summertime will flash through my mind. Driving lessons with my dad and my mother's constant reinforcement that I can do anything will also flash by as a memorable and happy moment. Making a spectacular catch in a little league baseball game and being awarded a trophy for MIP (Most Improved Player) will also be a highlight that I will replay in my mind.

Attending my son's first school meeting with his teacher and hearing the words "Your son is a delight and is very bright" will serve as a reassurance that my son will be fine in his life. We all want to make sure our children will be fine and well taken care of. That is our most endearing wish.

Family vacations and weekend drives to Upstate New York, New Jersey, Pennslyvania and Virginia will also play out in my mind as I envision the wonderful moments spent with my wife, son and mother-in law where we got to spend quality time together and had fun and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. These are the beautiful aspects of our life and when I see my life flash before my eyes I will truly cherish these very special moments as I know the tears will be streaming down my face as I hear those words in that wonderful and very sad song sung by Coldplay. Music has also played a big part of my life and I will cherish the concerts I attended with my wife and son and the wonderful music performed by such talented artists that certainly have touched our lives with their beautiful music.

Life is a journey we all will travel and we will meet many people and learn, grow, develop and become the person we were destined to be and hopefully we will get to live, share and dream with all those who have come into our life and made it special. When we reflect on all we seen, experienced. loved, lost, created and shared our lives with we will then get a full picture of who we were and will come to know that we truly lived a wonderful life.

The beauty of life

Reflections of my life - The Marmalade


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      hawaiihibou 6 years ago

      Hi: thanks for the kind reply. I always click on the tabs. One new tab is for children with autism and I don't know how people can get help from it, but just to let you know-you are welcome in advance. is from the United Nations and helping autism children is the red tab click. There are support groups and help at (just suggestions and to let you know that there is much help for you and your wife.)