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When you argue with your woman (poem)

Updated on August 24, 2013

Girlfriend Boyfriend Argument Tips

  • Take a break
  • Let the energy flow back to neutral
  • Small talk
  • Make each other laugh
  • enjoy your company

Through arguments

I must sit and wait, Even though it's a heart-break, take a break.

Do not proceed til it's done. For you may forsake this one.

Relax, make her smile.

For her heart might be far from a mile.

Be like an owl, relaxed in a tree, just seeing waiting to proceed.

Then it makes it's move, when everything's ready just pursue.

Now it's true, you have made your move, real smooth.

Be proud you stuck it through,

now you have a great balance.

Be proud my man, it's time to make romance ;).


A little advice.

I have been in so many relationships and when a girl is mad, she is mad. Anything you say is automatically rejected lol trust me, you could sit there and beg. She aint taken the bait.

So what you do is you ignore her. She's eventually going cool off and wonder why your not talking to her, then she ponder's. She's going through her mind and she might even realize it was her fault! This is how girl's think believe me. But all in all to be nice, she might just need some time to cool off. So listen to my advice and tell me how it goes. Cheers.

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