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Writing Whenever & Wherever

Updated on September 12, 2016

My friend and I sit in the same coffee shop each Sunday to get together for coffee and to write. The Sunday morning routine that is more like a writing ritual fills me with joy. The practice of writing fills me even more with the sense of peace and living in the moment. I know I have to practice my craft to get better, to understand it a little bit more each time I sit down to write.

Practice means what is says: writing is something to be done over and over, something that improves through the repetitive doing but that needs not be done perfectly. Just as a piano teacher will tell you to practice scales, that consistency is the key to mastering the instrument, as a writing teacher I have said the same thing. Consistency is the key to mastering the instrument that is you. ~ Julia Cameron

I can write wherever I am and whenever I can. I put my finger tips to the keyboard or pencil to paper and let the creativity take over. There are days that I struggle with what I want to say, to share and the right words are lingering around for me to use, the ego, the fear gets in the way and I stumble until I swat away the old behavior of "thinking" I'm not a good writer or don't have anything to say and voila, the right word appears. I just need to get out of my own way. That sounds easier than done, but it can be done, practice my friend.

If you allow yourself to write consistently, you will become more and more finely tuned. You will become more and more fluid and expressive. As you become more fluid and expressive, you will become more vibrant, more vital, more alive. ~ Julia Cameron

When I write more often, I feel a sense of peace and at the same time my energy is high and I'm buzzing with excitement. Creativity and imagination are jumping with joy and want to share so much, and fast. All of that energy is rapidly pumping through my veins and I feel alive. When I don't write as often, I am very aware of how heavy my body feels, how grumpy I can become when I don't get out of my own way and let creativity take over. It's like creativity is on the other side of the window and she is pounding on the glass crying out my name and I can't hear her. This image makes me ope the window all the time so I can hear creativity and trust creativity to smash through the window if I'm not listening.

When "they" say practice makes perfect, "they" are right. It takes practice to set your writing routines, to set up your rituals and it takes practice to get out of your way and let creativity take over. I'm taking that side step away from myself right now. What are you practices? Do you have routines? What helps you get to the page that much faster? I hope you are practicing right now.

Until next time, keep on typing . . . .


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