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Where Do balloons Go When You Set Them Free?-(2 poems on lost love)

Updated on March 13, 2010


Where Do Balloons Go When You Set Them Free.


To latex heaven,
where the angels
take the multi-colored shards,
saturated in helium gas,

and multiply their floating powers.

Then every shred

is blessed so that
they become pure white,
then with loving care
they weave them into
tiny angel wings,
that help the stillborn
and unborn babies fly.

It helps make each of those
saddened cherub faces
orphaned by abortion and fate
chortle with delight,
when they reach the
cradle of glory.










In The Garden Of Contentment, Reborn.


She died

in the blush

of her youth,
my fair love,

so precious,
So I being of

the scientific mind,
decided not to

allow fate

to steal her.

I combined

her specific DNA's
in a graft with

some rose seeds,

tulips and

for she was the

flower of my life,
stolen by the

thorns of death.

I planted

this experiment

of love
out in my

garden against
the grey walls

of despair,
weeks later

she bloomed,
growing to

half the size
she was before

she perished

Each mourn

I go out
and kiss her

re-born tulips,
soon I will

gently pluck her,
when she at

last reaches
the roots of

her toes.

Then we will

dance together
across the gardens
of delight once more.






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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Nice sir! I wish I had a "flower of my life". Thanks