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Where Does Beauty Hide ?

Updated on April 26, 2016

No Where

It's always in this very moment

The reason why we don't see it

We think it's something we have to make

As if we were going to build it with our own two hands

Taking the good out of something

Then cutting out the bad

We are so wrong

Beauty is natural as a sunflower dangling in the air

So big and so bright

How could we miss it then ?

Because we are always trying to change things

Making them the way we think they should be

Beauty is multi demensional

So it's hard to comprehend

We have seen drawings and paintings

As we look at the great detail

You hear people say that is beautiful

They are right

Beauty has so many qualities

It is a creation that can be just as powerful alone as it is combined

With any part of life

It is our connection

That brings out it's aroma

A smell we didn't smell before

A deep love that rises in it's own time

Never rushed

No need to be fixed or altered in any way

It just is

As free as the air we breathe


We see it in an elderly women

Who is far ahead of her time

Sitting in a wooden rocking chair

Enjoying the life she has lived

Then again we can find it in a new born infant

Crying hysterically

When the babies mother

Holds the baby next to it's bosom

Instantly the baby hushes

Content and safe

We try to control life

So we can see the outcome we have imagined

Where the beauty

Is in that moment of uncertainty

To this day often misunderstood

It can be soft as silk

A raging thunderstorm

Heavy wind and rain

Powerful and unpredictable

A tiny fish coming to the top of the water

Searching for food

Beauty is a trophy in living life

It has the force of the largest waterfall

In the next moment to be completely silent

Where no words or sounds are heard

As we read and learn

Studying life and watching

As beauty once again

Shows us something magnificent

A way we never knew

A thought we have not thought

To give us an experience of a lifetime

True beauty will always shine through


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Vocal coach Butterflies are beautiful and maybe they can spread beauty throughout the world faster than we can. Flowers are beautiful maybe they can cover the ground so whenever we look down we are reminded of beauty. The sky is beautiful. It is in every direction giving us clues to enjoy the beauty right now right here. Thank you for reading and sharing.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 2 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      We can find beauty in most everything if we look for it. All too often we miss it entirely. And then there's our perception. What seems to lack beauty with one person is obviously found with another. Excellent poetry. Sharing with others.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Nellieanna I was just finishing my morning bowl of fruit. Honey I am getting energy to clean . I gotta go. Have a great day. SHELLS

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 2 years ago from TEXAS

      Smiling! How great to open up the house and air it out! I love to do that.

      Meantime, you'll have time to be thinking as you accomplish the Spring freshening!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Nellieanna Oh Wonderful May.The grass is growing and the flowers are starting to bloom. There was so much you covered. I enjoyed your insight and passion.My wife has me doing some Spring cleaning. Opening windows and letting all the fresh air in. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 2 years ago from TEXAS

      I totally agree with the enjoyment and the importance of those small miracles that are so generally taken for granted & minimized in importance by the majority of people who believe they are right to be focusing on only the 'big' things. haha. And, yes, - the result of that kind of ‘big issue’ thinking (which has little hope of changing anything 'important' for that majority of people) - - the result for them is feelings of discouragement, helplessness, negativity and a jaded, complaining output which sort of poisons everything around them. Soon it dominates their entire perspective and view of everything they do notice, requiring medicines for the depression and physical bodily damage to themselves. So they add to the dire problems they have emphasized so much.

      But these small everyday miracles that are pleasurable if one stops and appreciates seem to keep one buoyant & continuously aware of the overall beauty of life and the underlying order to it, so thinking on them is cheering and healthy to one’s mind and body.

      I also am amazed when I notice the niceness of having a Kleenex within reach & reaching it 'in time' or the joy of the way I sort my laundry and discover better ways to do it or the delight of sliding into my bed between welcoming covers or how the bubbles creep out and across the dishpan when I run the hot water over them. I literally say “thank you’ out loud frequently all day when these little joys occur.

      Of course, one can only recall a few examples to share because these kinds of 'little things' that work and feel good are so unlimited and are constantly available and happening if one is open to them!

      It's not that those 'big' issues are unworthy of one's attention, as well, but heeding them from a center core of balance, contentment, amazement and optimism nurtured by one's taking notice of all the good small things gives the ‘big’ issues more clarity as one thinks on them and so it might help even those big issues a lot more than sitting around complaining or grousing about the terrible state of everything!

      Best of all - it keeps one's own outlook clearer, happier and much healthier. I have a strong sense of responsibility for keeping myself in good health, if only to spare becoming a burden on others. I look around and see sad illnesses and conditions of so many people much younger, whose bleak attitudes or whose sense of anxiety or competition has twisted their insides and makes them sick. I have much sympathy for them but OH how I wish they might have paused in their headlong plunge all along to really stop and smell the roses, to hear the music of the spheres, to watch the butterfly emerge from its caterpillar state, to feel the smoothness of the soap in their hands as they keep the germs from entering their bodies from their own hands.

      By the way - Happy May Day

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Nellieanna I enjoy the simple things that are missed or forgotten. Reaching for a Kleenex and getting it just before I sneeze. The smoothness of apple sauce when it is swallowed. Turning on a light switch in a dark room and enjoying light. Taking a raw piece of chicken and cooking it to taste delicious. How a spray bottle can take water and spread it so thin.There are many more but these run through my mind and nobody seems to care. They say so what and then go on with their day as if their complaining about politics, people, work etc. mattered more. They complain and don't do anything except move their gums faster than sand gets in between your toes when your at the beach. Thank you for your beautiful comments.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 2 years ago from TEXAS

      And you are one! Never let it be forgotten or buried underground again!

      Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Nellieanna I am so thrilled with all the words you share. SHELLS I have never been happier in my life.You have awakened my spirit. I feel like an underground stream that has been hidden for many years only to be enjoyed by anyone who loves a nice, cold, refreshing drink. Pleasant dreams.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 2 years ago from TEXAS

      I’m not competitive with others either, Michael. I was so far out-numbered by my accomplished elders in my home that I’ve always aimed to improve my own ‘game’ and I truly dislike ‘beating’ others. In fact, in the past I’ve accepted being cast as ‘less-than’, rather than asserting who I truly am, for fear of putting anyone else down. I had to learn that is their responsibility, not mine. But when I was expected to play bridge and didn’t do what someone thought was ‘right’, I was content that I’d seen its logic clearly, was able to think about it and to learn some things. Later, I was able to play it pretty well. But I was never the girl in college who played bridge with my sorority sisters. It was not important to me. I was the girl up in the attic, designing & making beautiful clothes for my design class. That WAS important to me and was just me working on my own priorities.

      The way you talk to yourself and DECIDE what your priorities ARE is so familiar to me. I didn’t talk a lot in my early years, but I was always observing, analyzing and choosing what I recognized to be what I needed in order to BE myself. I adopted it without fanfare and moved ahead. I didn’t discuss it with anyone unless it was someone whose wisdom I highly respected, as my Dad always encouraged me to do. Otherwise, why run it through someone else’s reasoning like submitting it to committee, & why even seek their approval or permission. Knowing how I am, I was aware that THEY have their own challenges to face which probably wouldn’t even fit me or mine, while I’m the one with the information I need to face mine! It takes time & effort, so why waste it asking around for consensus? Also, practicing one’s own inner directions, as you know, is how we learn wisdom and learn how to avoid the pitfalls! It’s how we grow & it doesn’t depend on anyone else.

      YES, the animals’ point of view of living in the NOW is great wisdom! The past slips into oblivion, as you point out. What was so important to a human then becomes either a lesson of what to do or what to avoid. Otherwise, it has no value . haha. Humans have the capability of learning from the past and planning for the future, but it is a wise person who fully realizes that the ONLY time we have to DO anything constructive & real, to really LIVE - is in the present time - NOW. Being thankful and appreciating the goodness all around one - wagging one’s tail in delight - keeps one focused and centered! It’s the expression of the vital inner spirit!

      At 1:55 early this morning what I was doing was hunkering down for the predicted severe weather, which passed me by! I slept downstairs in my clothes on the couch, near the safest place in the house After I brush my teeth in the evening, I never eat anything else. I get my food cravings satisfied before,at the latest, 10PM, usually sooner. I like a little dessert kind of treat after my evening meal& try to keep it healthy, too! To continue and to be healthy, I know I have to do my part.

      I’d have enjoyed the hot bubble bath but the bathroom for that is upstairs. Plus I don’t get in the tub these days. It’s easier to get in it than to get out of it! In fact, now I’m needing to go up there a& shower & get into some clean clothes, which I’ll do when I finish eating my big bowl of fresh fruit. I managed to get it prepared while catching up with online developments after I awoke. I wash every piece of fruit thoroughly and peel and/or cut it as needed. Today it includes grapes, blue berries, a banana, a pear, some cantaloup, grapefruit, strawberries. I always try to include a banana, a citrus, a pome (apple or pear), berries & some melon in every bowl, depending on what is available and appealing. So I have a selection of fresh fruit every morning and have done so since the 1980s when I learned the value of eating fresh fruit by itself before any other foods. George used to call it our ‘medicine’, though he got started on it after he had already developed chronic medical conditions requiring medicine. I don’t have any conditions needing regular medicine. I might take an ibuprofen for an ache or an alia-seltzer-plus to ward off a cold, but nothing else. If I need either of those, I immediately start to look into what I’ve done to bring it on and to correct the cause, rather than medicate it much.

      I didn’t sleep late but awoke here on my couch as soon as light began outside. The couch is not the luxury of the bed upstairs! haha. But sleeping down here was a safety measure. Living alone, I have to take proper precautions when the weather is threatening. I awoke rested, feeling energetic and fully alive like a very healthy, active 84 year-old, which I enjoy being, since it’s who I am now. I t’s the real energy I have, which I fully embrace. It’s part of the NOW in which one lives, not in the past or future, but the LIFE flowing through one NOW. I could never understand why anyone would give up feeling fully alive in their NOW just because of some birthdays passing or due to some external conditions, when each and every day is here, new and full of promise. It brings its own clean slate to be used & lived, so why not just make each day count in ways one values & makes good? So I don’t idealize or pine for other times and places.

      Well the weather people are again talking about severe storms this afternoon, with possible 2-inch hailstones and other nasty things. It’s around noon, so I think

      I’ll set the fruit in the fridge & go shower now so I’ll have upstairs stuff done before that starts. I’ll finish the fruit after the shower. It’s a big bowl full, anyway and I like to drag out eating it. haha

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 2 years ago from TEXAS

      You used your name here, Michael, so I feel permitted to use it here. It’s a favorite name for me. One of my beloved stepson’s name is Michael and several loved friends’, including you!

      Your allowing your feelings to be so well described and clear on the page is a wonderful thing. I also ‘picture’ people going about their days and doing what they do. I’m ‘visual’ too. It helps to visualize them if they share some of their actual movements and attitudes about them. That way, I can see them smiling & looking pleasant - or else- scowling and looking miserable. I enjoy the smiles and pleasant looks most. There are times when everyone has cause to scowl but it need not be a cultivated attitude. Wish some of my young relative knew that!

      Another thing we have almost in common: I knew only one of my grandparents. Dad’s mother lived with us when I was born but she moved back to Indiana to live with other sons, where she died when I was just a little thing and barely remembered her. She did make me doll clothes, which are my tangible ‘evidence’ of her, though.

      Both my parents lost their fathers when my parents were quite young and Mother’s mom died a month before I was born. Back then, when my parents’ parents were in their prime, often spouses (especially wives who bore many children) died and left the other spouse with a lot of young children. That happened in both my parents’ fathers’ lives. Their first wives died and eventually they remarried my grandmothers. My grandfathers were both born in the early 1800s. My parents were both born in the early 1890s. The aunts I was named for, Nellie and Anna, were each half-sisters of my parents, the children of my grandfathers’ first wives & were born in the mid-1800s. So my acquaintance with ‘long ago’ has always seemed very real and almost ‘present time’ for me as a kid/ I grew up hearing about things from ‘way back. Also. by 3 elder siblings were much older so their experiences in the 1920s seemed very recent to me. I was a quiet little girl who spoke less often & had big ears! haha.

      Yes, families pulled together ‘back then’. They were keenly aware that they had to - and it was the ‘natural’ thing to do. Kids didn’t defy their parents and want to ‘live their own lives’ when they were way underage, as now. It was taken for granted that kids needed parental guidance and protection and it was accepted. Of course, kids also were allowed to develop their own personalities, - but were guided & not ‘thrown in the ring’ before they had learned how to handle it!

      And yes, relationships in the family are NO LESS important now, and even more so, though they’re losing credibility in far too many cases. I believed in them and was a totally stay-at-home mom, though we didn’t have extra money for all the extras for the kids. Everything in my life at the time as a mother was not good (their father was not a good person,) but I knew all the more clearly that they needed me to fully BE THERE. I’d feel the same way now if I were the mother of under-age children. Being an old-fashioned mother was #1 to me, though I had a good education and was qualified for several careers.

      I’m not critical of today’s parents. I can see that their challenges are so mammoth and pressing. But even so, I would not choose for myself a lot of the lifestyles that now prevail - and are, after all, still a choice one makes.. One does not HAVE to have TVs, computers. cell phones, etc. if that means having to leave their children (whom they choose to have) with others. Those are discretionary choices and, if opposed to being with one’s kids, they’re choices of real priorities. It’s just a fact.

      Yes, the freedom of choice you make of doing the best and healthiest things like enjoying the fresh air and all the beauties of our Earth are so wonderful. People in prison have my sympathy and not my judgment, too. Still, in the majority of instances, the reality is that they’re there due to personal choices made along the way. It’s not an opinion. It’s just an observation. Understanding how to prevent allowing poor choices to creep up on a person is where old-fashioned families often have failed, to direct, teach and show examples to kids how to behave & what there better choices are. But when parents also grew up without clarity, it happens all too often.

      I feel sad for all the people who are caught up in the maelstrom or whirlwind of today’s powerful influences, which do have almost inevitable consequences if one gets caught up in them. Whether there are prison bars around them or not, in a powerful way, many people now are imprisoned by things they’ve allowed in their lives, whether or not they were fully aware of the choices being made or if they seems inconsequential. But that inevitability is simply there. That’s the danger: people WANT to be in the popular swim & to have what it seems to promise without cost of more important values. The swim gets faster & faster & the results dig deeper & deeper, so that young folks really see little choice, especially if their parents were also caught up in it.

      The lures of the whirlwind shape choices which lead to being caught up in them. The choice to stay out of the maelstrom so as to choose peace of mind above the lure of it all is NOT easy. That is one of the most wonderful things about you, my friend. You consciously and deliberately choose to NOT let it all bury you or lure you into doing things you know to be wrong for you, so that you can be free to keep your own integrity, peace of mind & develop your own ways & means to help others!

      I am glad you share the inside-story of how you manage to do it, Michael. You’re never self-pitying or feeling stymied by or dependent on what others do or don’t do, though you observe them & learn from their mistakes & from their successes. You don’t take their choices personally. That is extraordinary, how you’ve managed to ‘keep your head above the water’ even times when, perhaps it may have seemed impossible. You KNOW who your ARE. As you say, you ‘learned long ago’. You’re centered & have what I recognize as true integrity, - meaning to be integrated inside oneself, so that the external currents & influences are observed but do not determine what you choose for yourself or upset that central core of your being. It’s a success far beyond what many people (who may or may not have more ‘talents’) are able to achieve if they lack the quietude and inner integrity to let the dross stay on the outside and then pass on by, unless one chooses to ‘keep’ them.

      (More follows; my reply was too long for one comment! hehe)

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Nellieanna I close my eyes briefly while reading your comment and see you talking. Your words become picture messages. I can read them over and over and feel your tone and mood. There is no way of really knowing I just pretend and let my imagination lead the way. I always picture good thoughts and positive energy so even if I am wrong I feel I don't hurt anyone I just add to the world and the world of possibility. I never knew my grandparents since they passed when I was a baby. I often wondered what it would be like to know someone that has lived many years and they hold the most amazing history of the world. I heard how history books take a view of the world they lead children in a certain direction for good or bad. Where people who have lived through those times have no reason to lead people on they just tell the way they have experienced and you can take it or leave it. I often pretend I'm the oldest person in the world and telling my life story. I figured why wait till I get that age. Growing up I remember watching the Waltons and Little House On The Prarie. I really loved no matter what troubles they faced the family pulled together and survived. Both were suppose to be based on true stories. I was amazed how each episode was interesting and had an underlining core family values. Even though times have changed so much relationships in the family are what is important. I love being outside in the fresh air the freedom of going where ever I want. I feel sorry for all the people in prison who never get to do what I do every day. I am not God so I don't judge them for their crimes just feel so sad their lives are wasted when they could make the world so beautiful. I believe we all have a hidden gift that is better than everyone else in the world. If we spend years searching we can find it. For me I never did anything exceptional and most of the time it was the opposite. I was plain Jane or just another Joe. When I look around me I see the talents everyone else has and don't appreciate or care what skills they have. So I learned long time ago I am not competing with anyone else only trying to make me a better person then I will be happy. I can go on and on many people think I am boring and can't be bothered. So I would write for myself and I can be my own critic. I would say Michael is that the way you feel? Why do you think like that ? What would make you feel better? Now make your life one that you will be proud of. Original and passionate. If people don't see it it's o.k. They have a right to their opinion. If I learn to listen I can expand my mind and my thoughts. I pretend I can't talk and all I can do is listen then one day I can talk and I have so many things to say. Thank you for giving me confidence and practice that allows me to charm the socks of you are at least make you giggle. I said giggle like a school girl who was telling a secret that is the only thing that matters. Then in a week we can't even remember what we talked about. I try to look at each day from an animals point of view. Giving love and affection with every wag of my tail. No words needed. Thank you for your time and your constant WOW moments. It's 1:55 in the morning and I wonder what your dreaming ? Maybe your stomach's craving for a taste of rice pudding. Then again your thoughts may be on a nice hot bubble bath. How about just sleeping late and feel the energy of a sixteen year old when you wake up.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 2 years ago from TEXAS

      What a lovely compliment, Dream On. Thank you. YOU are simply amazing. Your writing technique & style have been developing so well & quickly over the 5 or so years we’ve been exchanging hubs, comments & ideas!

      As for me, I’ve had a long lifetime of good teachers, fine examples, practice writing, encouragement, friends who’ve shared my interest from childhood forward, (we’d write scripts for our Storybook dolls to act out) - plus lots of alone time for passionate reading & developing a personal writing standard & style & finding my personal muse. It would have disappointed people if I didn’t write fairly well.

      Compared to you, though, I’ve been s-l-o-w developing! You must have a powerful muse lurking around you! Have you thought about who it might be? Mine is Emily Dickinson and Vincent Moore’s is Edgar Allen Poe. This comes to a person without effort so you just ‘know’. The muse is looking for you, so you don't have to 'beat the bushes' to find him or her, though widely reading helps you to recognize the muse!

      There is nothing wrong with keeping words that may or not fit someone else’s idea of correctness, by the way. Many great authors incorporate the everyday idiom into their writing to give it authenticity & warmth they wish to express. So if it’s real to you and comes forth from how you feel and think, it’ll communicate to your readers. If you used them just for effect, they would not ‘speak’ so well & realistically. People can see you know correct spelling and grammar by your overall writing, and if you boldly express the inner message, using the style at its heart, it shines forth. Studying and knowing the correct version also enhance your style. If it’s lacking, it may not be read and fully appreciated. After all, claiming to be a writer means we need to know how to write correctly.

      But, be assured that people cannot learn what you have naturally, dear friend. Easy to learn grammar. Impossible to learn heart and style like yours! Bravo!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Nellieanna I think from reading your hubs and your comments I am silently learning how to practice better writing skills you have so many good examples to follow. Then of course I am still developing my own style that I feel strongly even if the words don't sound correct I keep them because they describe my thought process. Thank you for sharing. Going back out in the yard. I love being outside in the fresh air. Talk real soon. Shanmarie I find life overwhelming at times pulling me in all directions. That's when I slow down and focus on one project and put others on hold. I bite my tongue but it is the only way I can see real progress. Thank you for staying connected through all these years.

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 2 years ago

      Aww, how sweet. Thank you.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 2 years ago from TEXAS

      Thank you, Dream On.

      Haha! Yes Indeed, mistakes keep one humble, which means I should be super-humble! I make many mistakes which I usually see and fix. Now, between autocorrect making unauthorized changes which totally mess up one's meanings and numb fingers on my right hand, every sentence I write has to be back-tracked and fixed even in its progress! My typing is fast and light-touched, and my little fingers often don't press hard enough to 'take', which is what happened with 'mind' being 'min'. Another typical action that causes errors is holding down a keyboard key so that it types the letter several times, so that 'will' may come out as 'willl'.

      I am good at seeing errors, though, so I usually find & fix errors before posting. Not always, though!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Shanmarie You have left a positive impression on friends that your memories are shared with so much enthusiasm and excitement they have also loved them deeply. I feel the same way when you leave comments and a helping hand.Thank you so much.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Nellieanna Your work is exceptional and your comments are top notch. Mistakes keep us humble.I read your comment and picked the one you wanted me to save. I am so happy seeing your comments. I keep an open mind and find new ways that bring positive results..Having fun even when I have my work cut out for me. Thank you so much. SHELLS

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 2 years ago

      Funny, because after I shared this memory, my friend contacted me and said she'd had me on her mind for some reason. I guess we were thinking of each other. She remembered that day too. We were in high school. LOL

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee Poetry reaches people at all different levels. Depending on what is going on in their life it may affect them in so many different ways. I try to make people laugh and forget their troubles. By sharing my ups and downs and let them know I care. Thank you for reading and sharing.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 2 years ago from TEXAS

      My comment was posted before I noticed I left the 'd' off the word 'mind' in my little poem. So here is the post with that corrected, so you can ignore the other one please.


      A great subject, Dream On! And it points out that beauty isn’t hiding. It just may be waiting to be discovered. Perhaps we’re expecting something different and miss it when what is real happens!! In other words, we are a major part of the process of receiving beauty in our lives!

      As has been said, and said in various ways, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” To some, Beauty is right up there with Truth.

      People are made to be able to see and enjoy Beauty. Mother wrote in my baby book that my first word was “Pretty’. I see it in things that are magnificent like the sweep of a sunset, and in things that are small, like the concoidial shape the ice formed on a frozen mudpuddle on a path I walked one winter. I see it in faces that show compassion and wisdom.

      Shapes, colors, arrangements, impressions, - they all combine to make Beauty of many things and ingredients. Think of a kaleidoscope! Just turning the action part of the cylinder makes beautiful designs emerge from a random bunch of little pieces of glass and some mirrors! But one must seek it to see it.

      One of my little tributes to Beauty:

      Beauty is

      A state of mind.


      The world



      ______© Nellieanna H. Hay


    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 2 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Wonderful poetry. Now that spring has arrived there is lots of beauty all around.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Shanmarie I can picture you up on that roof. I use to go to the beach and watch the waves rumble in and slide out. I often pick up a small rock and examine it closely thinking how old is it and it could of been in the same spot for hundreds of years.If a rock could talk. Thank you for reading and sharing.Michael-Milec I often look at even an old rotted out tree and say even though it could of been a great oak in it's day now it's still beautiful because it serves as a home for two squirrels and a baby bird. Thanks so much for reading and caring.

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 2 years ago

      Your poem has digged into a magnitude of entity seen and felt by senses as well perceived by spirit a beauty, - an evidence of harmonious pleasing making our life a peaceful place to be. We are surrounded by beauty- everywhere we look we see outer beauty transferring inside into memory enhancing creativity of everything we do....

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 2 years ago

      Agreed! There is beauty even in the darkness. I love a thunderstorm. Always have. As terrifying as they can be at times, have you ever just stopped to stare in awe at its beauty and power? I have witnessed clouds.tumbling over themselves as the storm literally rolls in. Not my brightest moment, considering I was on a roof. But we.just had to stare a few.seconds before getting off the roof. And I have seen many funnel clouds, even a tornado. Always in awe.

      Speaking of storms, we are under the gun tonight, they say. The sun keeps peaking out, which adds more instability to the atmosphere. Even with tornado threats, there's beauty. In destruction, people learn what is truly to be valued and human capacity for good takes over with love shared to those in need.

      Metaphorically speaking, there is beauty in the storms of life and within relationships too. We just have to trust in it.

      Beautiful poem. :)

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 2 years ago

      Harishprasad Thank you for being the first to comment. It's all about feeling. Enjoy your day.

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 2 years ago from New Delhi , India

      Awesome words ! Yes, beauty is there, already, and it cannot be created, only we have to feel. I enjoyed these beautiful verses. So delightful read ! Thank you.


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