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Where Does The Voice In My Head Come From

Updated on September 25, 2014

My Guess It is A Little Man Trapped Inside

I go on with my day

It is as normal as any other

Wake up and eat breakfast

Do a few errands

Relax because it is my day off

Make plans to write a little

Then after that read some hubs

Eat lunch and later supper

Spend the afternoon with my wife

In between play with our cat Charlette

Maybe watch a little t.v.

Call it a night

While the day is in full swing

I get a rush of ideas that enter my mind

Sometimes just a little inspiration

Other times one thought then another

I can ignore the voice but it is only temporary

He will be back tomorrow stronger than ever

He is very energetic and wants to share so much

These things he mentions weren't even in my mind a second ago

If I decide to write them down

They flow like water from a faucet

Every time I think I am done

There is one more thing he wants to say

I have to laugh because there goes my whole day

So if you have a little man in your head

Treat him nice

He really means well

Sometimes I wish he would just play an instrument and sing

That would be a little more relaxing


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