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Where Else I Write Aside From Hubpages?

Updated on June 10, 2010

I build lens in Squidoo

Writing articles or building lens in Squidoo is fun and profitable like with Hubpages. I like its user-friendly interface and fantastic widgets that I can use to make my lens attractive and enticing to read.

I can't remember when I did sign up to Squidoo. What I know is, I am just beginning to discover the benefits of building lenses in this get paid to write website. Honestly, I am just starting to build quality Squidoo lenses for my readers as I consider it too late for me to see its potential. Yes, I just started to familiarize myself in their concept after I got paid once. ( See my payment proof here )

Now I know Squidoo is truly and amazingly income generating, my goal is to build more lenses this year and make friends with other Squidoo member as much as I can.

I enjoy writing in Triond

I never thought that it is possible to earn from pageviews for an article I wrote not until I found Triond. Yes, I enjoy building contents in this web portal, writing and uploading photos are awesomely revenue generating.

It's good when you see someone visit your content, drop a comment, and make friends with you in Triond. It is indeed a great place to write not just because it gives earnings but also it can give you lots of friends and online connections.

So the more friends you have in triond is the more chance of getting pageviews. And remember, whenever you drive traffic for your content, you gain revenues. On that note, I consider Triond as one my favorite get paid to write sites. See my payment proof in Triond.

Redgage is next...

Of my income source as creating valuable contents in this web portal is somewhat enjoyable and easy to do. Aside from writing, I can also drop there my links of articles I published in different get paid to write websites I joined with. I find it useful as I had some old contents from triond that has less traffic. So I find Redgage a solution for my dead contents or those contents that has a poor page views.

And did I say that once you blog there, add links and uploads some photos and videos you can also earn from page views those contents generate? Cool? cool.

I also find uniqueness in Redgage, as they give Debit Visa Card once you reach your minimum payout of $25.00. I can't wait to see myself having that debit visa in my pocket...and of course the money loaded in it.

And why should I forget Wikinut...

Wikinut is one of those get paid to write websites that has a user-friendly interface. I just joined the website just few days ago and I really like their control panel. It is easy to navigate.

Another thing I love about the site is the badges, it is somewhat like giving promotions or recognizing the efforts of their members. Currently, I have two articles published and already level up my badge. It's a great feeling when somebody commend you for your work right? right.

Just a quick note about the incentive programs of Wikinut, you can earn from there the 50% of the ad revenues generated by your published contents in a lifetime. Meaning, even your old contents can still give you an income. Isn't it impressive? Yes it is.

So where else to write aside from Hubpages?

There is more. But the question is how can you manage your time working on all the get paid to write websites you've joined? There is no secret on time management, as long as you enjoy writing and you find it a pleasure to do it, there would be no pressure in thinking what is the next article you'll publish.

I am not a hopper, or a writer who skip from one article website to another. No, because I see to it that I do publish at least one content from here and there. Let me tell you, joining different article websites can increase your earnings as you learn how to do link building. See the links in this article to understand where I am coming from.

So now that you know where else in the web I write aside from Hubpages, I hope the next thing you'll do is to visit me from these websites that I mentioned. Thank you and feel free to post your comments, share, add me as friend and visit my suggested links.

Where Else Do You Write?

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      8 years ago

      good should also try this is a new site runned by me


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