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Where Hearts Dominate

Updated on July 19, 2013
Mass Suicide from The Original Mozzy
Mass Suicide from The Original Mozzy
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Youth Culture- Punk 1980's-1990's from Paul Townsend
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Belief from StillDill
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Belief from Sebastian Mary
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Burnt Belief-001 from Alistair Peck

Where Hearts Dominate

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

The heart is always prone to the loneliness of conviction,

seemingly isolated from the conclusions of belief and decision,

and in that, the heart constantly yearns to find solace in companionship,

like minded souls who give credence to that belief.

When first we find truth from our perspective,

the second move we make is to seek like in this sea of humanity,

and it is within these connections that we may justify and secure our truth,

thus bolstering credibility, self-esteem and personal security.

These connections can endure because we feel no longer alone,

and can get on with life on our own terms, within our own set of rules,

agreed upon and substantiated by someone else or others,

and arrived at through what is taught, accepted and found as truth.

When these connections expand into groups and even on mass,

the truth is elevated to a great extent, so believed on a scale that denies questioning,

and as a result becomes dogma, irrefutable and undeniable,

belief set in the concrete of immovable minds.

Within these dogmatic beliefs, zealots become leaders of much power,

leading by the heart of followers in justifiable causes to protect the dogma,

at any cost, the end justifying the means, regardless of impact and collateral damage,

all in the name of righteous belief.

The heart needs nourishment, needs comfort and security in being a part of life,

and always this inner yearning may take us to ends unexpected,

and as flawed beings we are open to dreams of idealism and the corruption that often follows,

discovering that all is not as it seems in the motives and paths of men.

For all the potential beauty of a heart, it also can be the fury of a soul lost.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony DeLorger 

      5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      It actually does look like Prince Charles. lol. And thanks for the links, I'll check them out later. I've just got home- had a busy day working for my friend as I told you. I'm extremely tired, will watch a movie then early bed. Thanks for all your support little bro, and give Tiffy and Gabriel a big SA hug from me. 8pm Adelaide time.

    • epigramman profile image


      5 years ago

      That first picture looks like Prince Charles in a gas mask, lol lol.

      And my greatest compliment of the day - when you called me a crazy bastard, lol.

      Well my big brother I am here to rescue one of your poetic orphans again and as always you take me into a profound moment of reading with your very cerebral and deep writing style. Many writers use a pen when they write Sir Tony , you are a writer who also uses a brush in order to articulate each line here.

      I will post this beauty of yours on my FB page along with your intro-bio page as well and I just finished my communing time outside with my cats in our mellow time together at lake erie canada time 8:11pm and I sent you 3 video links from you tube earlier today


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