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Beginnings - A Short Story

Updated on May 23, 2014

In my beginning, mmmm, at least I think it was my beginning. It’s a bit difficult to be sure, with this infinity business going on.

Anyway, all of a sudden, there I was, a small bubble of gas flying through the universe. I was alone for about 100 light years then bits and pieces starting to hit me and stick to me. At first I was a tad indignant, but then as I grew I started to enjoy the new me. No longer just gas, I was iron, ice, rock, in fact I was now made up of all manner of things. Wow, talk about fly, and big, I was now out there and noticeable.

982 light years later I had grown to enormous proportions and apparently was very attractive. I started getting attention from the big boys; they tried to woo me as I flew past. No way, I was free and flying!

Then it happened, I was grabbed and pulled in, the magnetic attraction of my Sun was too much, it had me. I spun, twirled, bobbed and danced, spinning madly around and around my Sun. He melted my heart and turned my insides liquid. I bumped into his other lovers and soon was worn smooth and almost round. We, now all planets in his concubine, took our shapes, colors and places of importance. I kept to a regular pattern orbiting my fiery Sun. He was hot, so hot I revolved to feel his caress, all over. I wore a gossamer cloak to protect me from too much of his attention.

I was attended, appreciated and given a gift of a small round moon to orbit me.

Steady warmth melted much of my ice and it formed ponds, lakes and oceans. Liquid sprung from my skin and ran in rivers to the bigger catchments. I felt good, comfortable, I slept.

When I woke I found more gifts, I was adorned with a garden and small moving things. I couldn’t see myself but I could feel all of this beauty. Mostly it felt good and I relaxed and breathed quietly.

Then something started to become annoying. Some of the moving things massed and out grew everything else; they scratched, bored, burned and blasted me and everything else around themselves. They sucked the fluid from my joints, I hurt.

Peaceful balance was lost.

I heaved, shook and thrashed occasionally, that got rid of some of them for a while. But with alarming speed their numbers burgeoned again and again. They were tearing me apart, even my gossamer cloak started to tear.

I was dying.

They were killing me. Why?

I fought back, I crushed them, diseased and drowned them, destroying them time and time again, but still they grew in numbers. I was smothering; even my smooth rotations became erratic, failing.

I felt beautiful no more.

My Sun watched, but did nothing to help, his heat was no longer a loving touch, as if my youthfulness had gone and I should be too.

Our break up was inevitable, I started to wobble and fracture.

I watched those damned little moving things leave me in capsules. Capsules made from my body. I cried, broke down, then physically collapsed, I fell completely apart.

And then, there I was again.

A bubble of gas again.

Flying through the universe again.

Infinitely free again.

In my beginning again.

(© Copyright 2012 A B Inglis. All rights reserved.)

© 2012 Under cover agent


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