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Where Is That Old Bike Of Mine ?

Updated on July 3, 2014

Where Else

In a corner

Buried two feet under

Sitting on top are all the things I think are important

But have no room for

How I use to love to ride

The wind behind me

Then by my side

I would pedal to go faster

So fast my feet couldn't possibly keep up

Then at the last second when my foot loses it's grip

Lift my leg up high

Away from those spinning metal parts that made me cry

I remember only to well

When they catch the back of my leg

Sharp, sharp pain

Who else is responsible ?

Yes only me to blame

So as I ride like a boy on speed

I am lucky

I am so lucky

The police don't know

Here I get daring

No hands for at least three seconds

I can hear my tires spinning

So exhilarating

Then I remember an old three speed

That I bought from a friend

I planned to fix her up

Never did a thing

Never had the time

Never had the time

Here I am again many years later

Fighting the same demons

Isn't it funny

No matter how fast we go

They still seem to find us

So with my arms now stretched out parallel to the ground

First still then I wave them frantically

To let everyone know

I am here

Enjoying all my childhood fears


Ride with the wind or against it

Struggling now just trying to get up this last damn hill

Pardon my swearing

But it felt good and I needed everything I had to pedal one more time

Yes I did it

A silent victory

As I ride down the hill in seconds

Memories are free

I don't have to think

They just fly with me

Now my bike ride has come to an end

As I take a closer look

I think my bike has a flat

What about that

I shut the shed door in disgust

A bike I loved so much

Now hidden under ten plus years of dust


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