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Where The Horizon Turns Into A Barren Waste Land

Updated on February 25, 2017

This Could Be You

The morning light connects the day

A soft beginning that slowly fades away

The hidden terror swallowed up by a friend

My interests span the globe

Your quiet stare

Pins me against the wall

Wishing I could hear

Who's there ?

Unbearable silence lingers

It's me

I came to visit

Only our pupils connect

What was always taken for granted

Now is an extended privelge with no boundaries

The outline of your lips

A blurred series of lines


As if there was nothing to explain

All your words have been drained

I wish I had close caption

Whispers of nervous chatter

Realizing all that I say doesn't really matter

The simplest things

Now complicated and confusing

Unable to respond and grasp the meaning

A series of mumbles

Followed by incoherent words

Now we are stranded on an island

A place we both have never been

The beauty of nature

Can't find it's way in

We are cut off


My throat closes up

Slowly my chest starts sinking

In an invisible quicksand

Trapped and helpless

Falling to nowhere

Our colorful clothes become meaningless

Time to leave

Because loneliness has a name

Ann and Barbara

Joined together in the most unlikely ways

Barbara Ann

My flickering white saucers

Swell up

Holding back a flow of tears

Tucked in either corner

Where nobody can see

There is no way to make this right

As I promise to return

I give her a kiss and a great big hug

I pull away

Looking closely at her hands

Driving off an emotional wreck



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