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Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way (Monster High #3), by Lisi Harrison

Updated on March 3, 2016

Following the unmasked broadcast of "The Ghoul Next Door," most of the RADs of Salem, Oregon, have fled. Lala has gone to Transylvania to visit her grandparents, the Gorgons have returned to Greece, and the Wolfs ("Wolves"?) have left for their hotel outside of town, appropriately named the Hideaway Inn.

Clawdeen (who is the focus in this volume) and her brother, Clawd, unlike the rest of their family, don't want to hide away. Clawd does not want to miss any of the football season, especially since the coach tells him that a college scout will be visiting the school soon. Clawdeen has been preparing for her sixteenth birthday party for the entire series, and now the party, which she has dubbed her Sassy Sixteenth (because what modern teenager wants to be sweet?), is not going to happen, unless the RADs in general, and the Wolfs in particular, can come back to Salem.

The title of this volume, "Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way" is also the title of Clawdeen's video blog where she repurposes things that have been scavenged. Her father works in construction and demolition and he brings home all sorts of odds and ends, which Clawdeen uses as design elements. She cannot continue posting her videos, but continues making them on the sly, remodeling one of the rooms of the inn (without her parents' consent or knowledge) in the process.

Meanwhile, Melody is trying to keep several things going at once.

The first relates to Manu's comment in "The Ghoul Next Door" that Melody must be the daughter of someone named Marina. She spends a lot of the book wrestling with whether she should approach her parents about this question and how to do it once she decides to do so.

Second, Melody discovers that she can influence people by using a certain tone of voice. She contemplates using this gift to force the normies of Salem to accept the RADs.

And third, Mrs. J. wants to take Jackson and run far away -- like London, far away. Melody tries to find a way to keep Mrs. J. and Jackson in town, or at least nearby.

Then there is Frankie's romantic drama. Brett has disappeared, and the RADs take that as confirmation that Brett set them up. Frankie is heartbroken, but Billy is there for her and she wonders if maybe her best friend might just be the boy of her dreams, particularly once Candace gives Billy a coating of sunless tanner to make him visible and it turns out that Billy is HAWT! Frankie still wants Brett, however, and everything comes to a head during a Lady Gaga concert.

Lala returns for Clawdeen's birthday and sparks a romance with Clawd in the process. Melody gets some much-needed perspective on her situation from a stranger who moves into the Jekyll house after Mrs. J. is fired by the school board.

So much gets wrapped up in this volume the night of Clawdeen's party that I wondered where the books could possibly go next. We had volumes focusing on Frankie, Cleo, and Clawdeen, so we did, after all, still have to have a volume focusing on Draculaura. She gets her day in the proverbial sun in the fourth book, "Back and Deader Than Ever."


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