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Where To Find Me

Updated on March 5, 2012

Bundle Of Joy

There always is some special place where we like to go

Where we find complete comfort and are totally at peace

For some it could be a library in the corner quietly reading a book

At home stretched out on the couch with not a care in the world

Lost in a garden covered by dirt

Sitting on a bench and listening to the ocean roar

Tucked in a cozy leather seat flying 34,000 feet above sea level

Laying in a swimming pool with the water temperature at 85 degrees

Tucked under a blanket where only your eyes can be seen

Riding a bike where the breeze makes you go faster

Taking a nap in the car where the sun warms your insides like a toaster

In the back yard on a lounge chair tanning secretly with no top

Skiing down a mountain slope with the wind in your face

On a motor cycle hearing your tires race

Laying across my bed with my cat

Snuggled inbetween warm towels that I just took out of the dryer

Whereever it may be

Go there often to enjoy what it is to be so happy


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      daisyflowrs That was the line I seen going down the street.I love diving in my little garden and getting covered in dirt from head to toe.Bringing back the closeness of mother earth.Nature in its purest form.mary615 I tell my wife to go into the store and I will be her chauffeur.A good chauffeur has to stay with the car and be ready to drive at a moments notice.Really I get to nap and dream and tan in the comfort of our limousine a(2004 Nissan Sentra).I dream all the time.Thanx for reading have a great day.

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 

      7 years ago from Florida

      My kids think I'm nuts when they catch me napping in my car on a warm day. I love it. I do several things on your lise. Great Hub.

    • daisyflowrs profile image


      7 years ago from Richmond, VA

      You mean I'm supposed to be in the back yard "secretly" tanning with my top off? Man, no wonder a crowd gathers when I tan half naked in the front yard!! Great hub! Very useful. Reminds me of a post I just wrote except opposite...if that makes sense...;)

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick I am sure your list triples mine.Just sit in your cozy office chair.Go to your arts and crafts room.Cooking in the kitchen smelling all the aroma's.Pull out the newspaper and read the funnies in the front porch.Going over a neighbors house and chatting about yesterdays good news.Window shopping in a very elite store too expensive to buy but so much fun to explore.Thanks for letting me peek at your list.Minnetonka Twin Me reading your hubs and finding love and charm.Thanx for reading and may we all find the time to pray to live the life that we love so much.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      7 years ago from Minnesota

      I love your list of where we could find you. What a lovely poem that brings peace to your reader. I hit many buttons.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      7 years ago from Great Britain

      WOW!!! Why don´t I think of one of thos whenever I´m sad?

      See!!!??? You´ve helped me again.

      Voted up and awesome.

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      Ruby H Rose My own little sanctuary.Where I can hear myself think.KatrineDalMonte What a wonderful way to spend the day.Thanx so much for sharing and hope we all find the places we love the best.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi, it's a great poem! There are so many places where we can unwind. I love spending as much time as possible in my garden, both getting 'covered by dirt', and sitting under the sun reading a good book.

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 

      7 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Those are some great places to find you, yep, I would be happy there too. Thumbs up!


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