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Where Do Ideas for Posts Come From?

Updated on November 22, 2017

Where do ideas for blog posts ideas come from?

Where does any idea come from? It comes from thinking about something specific for a limitless amount of time, and the things that you do every day. Ideas come essentially from within you. Which means they can be limitless. Since thoughts can be limitless. Whether the idea is new or old. That is where ideas for blog posts come from, isn't it? Why not ask a blogger that question, a limitless number if you ask a blogger where they come up with their ideas, they will say it’s what I feel like writing and what I think people will read. Or at least that is what I think anyway. Ideas come from within your mind and seeing different things around you. Watching a specific thing or reading specific things. If you are a writer, or just an avid blogger the ideas for your posts will come from anywhere. Ideas for posts are limitless and they can come from anywhere, you just have to be looking or not looking that is when the best ideas come to mind for my blogs when I am not really thinking about it.

They can come from watching television, reading a good book, going out with friends, going on vacation or just go to a limitless number of things. If you think like a writer then you can write and blog about anything, believe me, I have done it, which is why I have so many posts. Most of my post ideas come from when I have had a busy day, of different things going on, and then the ideas just come into my head. So doing a number of different things can give you ideas for blog posts in the future. Ideas can come from everywhere, you just have to have an open mind and be looking for them.

For example, anything that you think about can become a blog post you just have to believe it can be one and it will be. Everyone has heard the expression where there is a will there is a way, the same goes for blog posts if you can talk about it, you can write about it that is what my thinking is. Most of the time people can talk about almost anything which means they can come up with blog post ideas with almost anything almost anywhere. They just have to be thinking in a blogger mindset and the ideas will come, believe me, I have done that for the past year and that is where I come up with all the ideas. Ideas for new blog posts come, from doing things that interest you. If you do things that interest you, and you think that, people will be interested in reading about it then you can blog about it.

Blog post ideas can come from talking to people, seeing different things around the town or cities that they live in. Watching movies, going out to different events, or different shopping centers, things like that. Most of the ideas that I come up with come from thinking to watch different things on television and doing different things with my friends and family. Ideas can come from anywhere if you think in writing then the ideas will come faster, that is what I notice. In other words, if you think like a blogger saying hey this could be the great blog post, then you can write about it.

Bloggers have to be very open-minded and they have to think outside the box in order to find ideas. When bloggers think outside the box they will find the posts that people never knew existed and they will want to read about them. That is what I am trying to do, all and all Blog post ideas come from thinking outside the box always remember that if you are having trouble coming up with them. As a blogger, you need to be open-minded and think outside the box all the time that is how you are going to come up with ideas for posts. Also, remember that blog post ideas can come from anywhere just always be on the lookout for them.

Where do Ideas for blog posts come from?
Where do Ideas for blog posts come from?

Don't Try To Limitlessly Think Of Blog Posts They Will Come When They Come

If you are limitlessly thinking about blog posts, however, then sometimes they won't come to you as easy, though. If you just look at something and a thought pops into your head for a blog post idea then that is great, it makes coming up with them easier. Although that means that you are always working or at least that is how I look at it. This is why most bloggers always carry a notebook with them with a pen or they have a section on their cell phones where they write things down regarding their blog and its posts. At least that is what I do. Ideas for blog posts come from anywhere because each place you go to you try and relate it to your blog or at least that is what I do if I can because blogging is just that fun, that I would write about anything and everything. Wouldn't you if you could?

If you are a blogger you usually will pick a topic that can relate to your life and your experiences. This is because it will make it more relatable to your readers and that makes for better blog readership and that is what most bloggers want, don't they? I would think so because everything I have read or listened to says you have to have good writing and readership if you want it to get somewhere. So if your blog posts ideas relate to your niche and also the people reading it then you are good to go.

But enough about that, the point of this post is where do the ideas come from. In order to get limitless blog posts for your niche or topic that you are writing about they come from whatever it is that you do or whatever it is that you think of in regards to your blog posts. For example, depending on what your blog is about you could be out with friends or family having fun and an idea for a blog post can pop into your head. The best blog posts that come to be are the ones that we don't think of they just come to us. That is what I think anyway, and how some of my best blog posts have come to be, is when I don't think too hard. I find that when I think too hard about a blog post or about what to write a certain post my writing doesn't flow as nicely.

Sometimes even writing one blog post gives you ideas for other blog posts, and that is why ideas for blog posts are limitless and they can come from anywhere. If you really want to blog about something the idea of a blog post title will pop into your head, and most of the time it is at the most unexpected times that this happens. That is why most bloggers always have things with them to write their ideas down on. Some people might think it is strange but to us bloggers, it is normal to have something with us to write ideas down on so that we can come back to them later.

They can come from a limitless number of places, if you are a blogger you know this and you, you look for ideas in the most unconventional ways, or at least that is how I do it.

When Ideas for Blog posts strike
When Ideas for Blog posts strike

Ideas for blog posts can come from anywhere

Blog posts Ideas can come from anywhere at any time which means you always have to be ready for them. They can even come in your sleep and wake you up so make sure you have a pen and notebook by your bed or your cell phone with a notepad app close by. You always have to be prepared for when a post comes to mind when you are a blogger because when it happens there is no stopping it and if you don't write it down right away you are going to lose it which no blogger ever wants to do. So keep something with you at all times to jot notes down on you won't be sorry.

Where do you think blog post ideas come from? I would love to hear your views on this

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    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 20 months ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      All too brief Louise. Unlike your local or national press, there's no editor here to squeeze your writing into a single half column. I think you could have gone into this a bit more (sounds like your old English teacher, doesn't it) and developed it 'pictorially' - not necessarily with pictures, although one or two might go some way to illustrate a point, 'whether' or not you're under the 'weather' and need some encouragement (line 2).

      Keep up the writing, keep the ideas in flow.

    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      Larry Rankin I love your comment it is true

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      They come from the blog post fairy;-)

      Great read.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 2 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      True. Only you need to put them on paper or in text.

    • vyashardik profile image

      HARDIK VYAS 2 years ago from Mumbai

      Excellent words,"When bloggers think outside the box they will find the posts that people never knew existed and they will want to read about them."

      Good job Ms.Louise