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Where do ideas to write come from?

Updated on January 30, 2015

Sometimes, while I'm reading I get so captivated by the story and this really motivates me to write something as awesome as what I'm reading.
There are times when ideas are easy to get because you are inspired by different things, for example your feelings.
When I'm sad, I want to write about how I feel, and when I finish I feel a lot better.
But, there are times when you really don't have any idea about what to write.
It happens to me, and I know it happens to a lot of people.
All of this makes me wonder, how do authors came up with those great ideas that make their books so great?

Few days ago, I was just hanging out on the internet, trying to make my boredom to go away. After some time, as use to happen when you are on the Internet, I got in a website where there was a guy selling books. The first picture I saw was one book that I started long ago but I never finished. When I saw this picture, I immediately felt the necessity to buy it. So, I wrote to him about how could I get the book, and we agreed to meet the next day so I could purchase it.
I don't use to do this, but in these days I'm really enjoying to do different things, so I felt excited not only for the book, but also for this experience.
The next day I went to the place accorded: a bus station that is near my home.
When I got there I didn't know what kind of person would I find. There were a lot of people and I didn't know which of them was the person that would sell me the book. So I called him (oh yes, I forgot to say that we share phone numbers, very important thing, if not, how could I find him?) and suddenly I see a guy that see his phone. He realized that I'm calling someone, so he saw me and greeted me. I approached to him and asked if he was the guy that sells book. He of course says yes. He was a young and tall guy, whit a clear skin, glasses and a nice smile and a friendly face that made me feel that this stranger was not a bad person. He pulled the book from his backpack and gave it to me. I paid him and I was waiting for my change while I was checking the book. Oh the book finally in my hands, but I was trying to do things fast so I just did a quick check. He gave me the change and we said goodbye and thanks to each other.

But wait, why I'm talking about this?
After this experience I started to think about how interested it would be to sell books.
Can you imagine? You accord to sell a specific book via online, so you don't have any idea about this person, but you know the book. You would start to think about what kind of person want to buy this book, and you would make a mental image of him or her. Then you would meet this person, with your previous idea in mind, and you could find a person that fits exactly with the description that you imagined, or a completely different person. If this person is so different of what you thought, you would start to think about how this book and this person can be related, or why this kind of person would be interested in reading this book. How much difference is there between the image we give to the others and what we truly are?

Now imagine that, if this book seller was the main character of a book, does he probably would follow the buyers to clear the doubts that he has?

When I thought about this I said, oh wait, I can write a story about this!
And all this came from an experience I had.
So, only with this, that looks like a normal everyday experience, you can develop an story.

I would definitely develop this story! And probably other things that happen in my day will be added to it.

So, now you feel more inspired to write?
Does it make you remember anything that happened to you and that could be transformed into a great story?
Just let it flow and start writing.


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