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Where to Find Topics to Write About

Updated on February 5, 2012

What is a writer's block?

Do you write? Who writes? Writers are not only those professional journalist, authors or wordsmith in an advertising company. It could be anyone from a kid, student, to a teacher or a PHD holder who is completing his or her thesis or research. Basically anyone who can hold a pen, knows how to spell and knows any one language would be fit to call a writer especially when they like to write even though the write up could be just about anything under the sun.

Have you ever find it hard to find or search for a topic to write? This is called a writer's block. For most writers be it if you are a professional or just write or blog for the fun of it might come to that stage as well. The stage or a point where you would or simply have no idea what to write during one of those days. So why would someone have a writer's block? It could be because there was no inspiration at that time. Or maybe it could be because there just wasn't enough time or ideas that is interesting enough to write about. It might be due to any of these reasons or some other reasons behind it.

There are many ways to find ideas or topics to write about in actual fact. These ideas are all around us with or without us knowing about their existence in front of our very eyes. Simply put, not many of us are observant when it comes to seeing the details or little things in life or even the finer parts of life. Even at your very desk or living hall there are couple of things to talk about. For example, you could talk about the movie you've seen whether on DVD or the cable tv, the latest book that you just read, an interesting news in the newspaper that you read in the morning which could be a good write or debate to write about after some pondering and thinking. Besides these, your daily life could also be blogged about if you've a very interesting and happening lifestyle to pen about.

So how to really find a topic or an interesting matter to write about? Look around you, notice the places you've been, be more aware of your surroundings and be observant to the little happenings that goes around your daily life. You could derive an interesting topic by visiting the book store, There are so many available especially here in Malaysia, there is the Borders, MPH and Popular book store to name a few of the most popular ones. Other than book stores, there is the newspapers and magazines that we could find at the book store or magazine stands available everywhere. Whether it is lifestyle magazine, beauty, sports or health there is just so much to write about if you only look around you for a few minutes.

Other than this, you could write about politics if you like to talk about justice and rights. You could also talk about the technology which everyone and anyone would be up for it. This is true because people tend to want to look cool or stay updated as much as their peers. What more if they have more knowledge of the use of certain apps or technological systems or a plain simple function. They would definitely be looked up to by their peers and friends alike.


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