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A Short Life Poem: Where To For Me Now?

Updated on September 9, 2014

The Road Blocks In Life

Tough decisions can mean a stand still in life
Tough decisions can mean a stand still in life | Source

A Poem About Life's Dilemmas

The following poem focuses on the romances and break ups that face individuals every day where even though one person may feel as though they have met the man or woman of their dreams, it's not always meant to be.

Sometimes you just need to be in the right place to find the right person and physical attraction isn't always what brings the greatest happiness for couples in life - it's the heart and inner love that makes the two hearts connect with the greatest of love.

Where To For Me?

Where art though now?
Where to from here?
Where do I go?
How far or how near?

So ready to face the music that be,
I stopped, I looked about to see.
The love and the goodness
Yet heartbreak for me.

A glamour of nature,
A beauty so rare.
Yet where is my heart,
Left full of despair.

Such a woman as she,
Simply not meant for me?
A heart with no love?
Or uncertain it be.

Now halted by love.
So where to for me?
To cross the rivers,
The oceans or seas?

With the girl of my dreams,
Drifting further away.
Do I follow and chase,
Or wait here and stay?

A beauty from God,
Such a woman as she.
A marvel of nature
With no love for me.

- David D. (DeviousOne)


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