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Which One Will Be The Right Choice

Updated on May 1, 2012

Lets Make Love Or...

I'm tired can you just hold me

As I snuggle next to you

My arms wrapped in your arms

The heat of one body pressed against the other

My hand on your hip and your hands tucked under your pillow just so

Both of us had a long day

My mind won't stop but yours says not tonight dear

I accept the truth

Love will just have to wait

This is one of those times we think different

As my mind races I slowly feel the outline of your body with my hand

I can still fantasize because I am a man

Your instantly asleep

As if you had taken sleeping pills and out like a light you go

I lay here awake and ready

Let's say not now Freddy

Tomorrow morning is another day and pack it up and put it on a six hour hold

Think of it as being solid as ice and tomorrow you can sowly thaw

That's the only way I can get through this

Or I will be up all night tossing and turning

Wishing we did something when my wife clearly needed sleep

What can I say the thought I can not easily shake

My head is thick and somethings don't seem to play a role in my life

Then I found a solution that tops all other ideas

To keep my mind occupied and tire it out

So I can also sleep

I tell myself if I can remember the the last fifty times we made love

Then my wife will certainly say yes to that

After all the trouble I went through

Let the love games begin

It's a deal I think in my head

I can hear my wife breathing heavy

It is not what you think

She does that when she is beyond tired

Well let me start off remembering my last fifty incredible hot times

Just last night a little wild time in the car

Then the day before an early mornng surprise

Then I know we were really busy for the previous two days

Let me think

I know I can't go longer than that or my body crumbles and my mind turns to jello

Every time we do the wild thing it is like the first time all over again

Exciting and fresh

My heart beating out of my chest

Some people have such busy lives they never find the time

We are busy too but I tell my wife I can't keep my mind off of you

Now surprising I have only mentioned the past five times

Are you telling me that this is all my brain can comprehend ?

I will go by each day of the week to make it easier

Mondays are the beginning of the week

A great inspiration to start today off on the grand scale

Then Tuesdays you think if I just had some xxx it wouldn't cross my mind

Wrong again it is like I am playing the game Scrabble and it doesn't take me long

To get a few letters and all I need to do is find the vowel U

Then we can make a word that I really find enchanting

Wednesday people have known it to be hump day for years

Need I say more

Then there is Thursday one of my days off

I have a great reason to celebrate when we both our home together

Then Friday is here

For most people it is the end of the their work week

They have the weekend to look forward to

Not me and my wife it is one of the busiest days of the week

We always work

I will be exhausted and my wife too

That has not stopped me in the past and only light my jets

When I get tired I get silly and punchy where everything is commical

No lack of effort there and before you know it I am a late Friday night special

I can do it on little or no sleep

An after hours treat when all the bars are closed

My passion is talking

Then there is Saturday

All I have to think about is Saturday Night Live

For some reason the worlds play over and over in my head

Suddenly my mind is on one track

Full steam ahead

I am pumped like an Iron Man competition

This one is behind closed doors

Those with a weak heart need a doctors note

Sunday is here and it gives me many reasons to be very happy

For years it was one good day to relax and all my homework better be done

I have no homework and I am excited again

I can see me doing some extra curricular activities to bring my average up

So if during the week I didn't do my best and I could of been a little nicer

When I could of really bent over backwards to make my wife happier

It wouldn't of killed me to listen a little more closely

To her struggles at work

Remember not what she is saying but those tricky things she wants me to know

When she doesn't tell me and I have to guess

Reading inbetween the lines

A game I am miserable at

She gives me so many clues

I should know who done it

Instead I am a man through and through

Who done what?

Well now that gives me at least fifteen times that I can remember

Let me use my favorite colors to trigger some memories

Red is my all time favorite it stands for Passion and Love

Blue not my favorite all I can think of blue balls

That is another subject we will have to discuss at a later date

Then we have the color yellow all I think about Is the song The Yellow Submarine

When a periscope goes up it must also go down

Then their is orange

Nothing rhymes with orange

But some how there is nothing like a juicy sweet orange that is mouth watering and succullent

How about the color purple

All I think about is Purple Rain and that somehow it is wired in my brain

To think doing it in the rain

Then there is Green and green M&M's come to mind

Who ever told me that I want to thank you for giving me thoughts I will never forget

Then who could forget black and black is mysterious and forbidden

I have to try a different strategy

I will think of numbers

Number one is where you will always be in mind planted like a trophy on the mantle

Number two it takes two to tango I don't know exactly what they meant ???

To to dance the tango with

My mind once again says two people tangled together in some wierd shape

Then there is three and the Threes Company old sitcom I loved so much

Who wouldn't love two girls that's where fantasy kicks in

Four is for getting a hole in one and I don't even play golf

Five stands for your open hand holding mine

Six if you say it fast it sounds like sex

Then I say did you say sex ?

We were thinking the same thought

Seven I think of all the days of the week

My mind keeps rotating in the same direction

Well there are other lists that my mind constanty creates

I know by now I must be close to thirty times we had the time of our lives

That means only twenty more

That brings me two twenty one the drinking age and all the strip clubs that you can get into

Then I think of all the beautiful bodies and shapes that over the years captured my thoughts

When I had no one

Now I couldn't be more satisfied and pleased

With my lovely wife

By now this game or trick finally worked because all you can hear is


I am asleep and my mind is off to dreaming

Of the day of endless love just beginning....


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      raciniwa Thanx for the tip and will do.Have a great night sleep yourself and pleasant dreams.

    • raciniwa profile image

      raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      at last, your thought makes you find a book by Dr. Irene Kassorla and start working on the pleasure

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      daisyflowrs Interesting and exciting.Never a dull moment.Dim Flaxenwick Life just turns out that way.Thanx to you both and I am off to have more fun.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 5 years ago from Great Britain

      You are so funny.

    • profile image

      daisyflowrs 5 years ago

      My day was "one of those days". My power went out for several hours due to 2 snakes going into a generator at the power plant. Due to that, I had not hot water to take a shower before work. Also, my cell wasn't fully charged so I was afraid to fall asleep (it is my alarm clock). At school, I fell hard on my knee (HURTS!), I think that's enough complaining. Today is a new day!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      daisyflowrs You always put a different twist on life.It is early and I am not sure how your day will go but I am sure you will let me know.Thanx for reading.

    • daisyflowrs profile image

      daisyflowrs 5 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Terminix is your ad for this hub! Perfect irony! LMAO! I don't have a shovel. When I was a serial killer I had one, but I got a new job so I threw out my shovel. Actually, a cop asked to borrow it and I haven't gotten it back. She said something about "tagging" and "evidence".

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      daisyflowrs I had a friend who loved Eminem.He quit his job and left all his friends and is God knows where?I wonder if the group was a good influence.Maybe he is finding himself?I wonder?What we see is only on the surface and as we dig deeper we have layers of life that have been undisturbed for years.We never know what we may find?Grab a shovel and lets start digging.

    • daisyflowrs profile image

      daisyflowrs 5 years ago from Richmond, VA

      My comment came from the mouth of Eminem

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      daisyflowrs I never thought of that.That is funny.Thanx again for the read and hope today will bring on new possibilities.

    • daisyflowrs profile image

      daisyflowrs 5 years ago from Richmond, VA

      There are many words that rhyme with orange. Just say "orange" differently and you will see.