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A Healthy Mind or a Healthy Body?

Updated on March 18, 2014
The mind controls the body.
The mind controls the body.
Effects of taking alcohol .
Effects of taking alcohol .
The Immune System and how it traps the invader.
The Immune System and how it traps the invader.
Cardiac Artery Blocked
Cardiac Artery Blocked
Over eating leads to obesity.
Over eating leads to obesity.
John Keats, the noble poet.
John Keats, the noble poet.

Which do you Think is More Important:A Healthy Body or a Healthy Mind?

"The mind is as sloppy as the unkempt hair."

This statement portrays, an unkempt hair and a sloppy mind, both lingering cannot be separated. Body and spirit, both are in control, mastered by the mind. Hence a healthy body, is an expression of a healthy mind.Though hard to agree one often says, "Think healthy, look healthy".

The mind has a superior power, tending to make a person believe his control over pain; to avoid causative agents of diseases, to refrain from causative over eating disorders, malnutrition, steering clear of carcinogens, to shun unhealthy relationships, that can plunge the body into a bondage of drug addiction, and into contacts that can upset the body's immune system, or rather even collapse it as in extreme cases of Acquired-Immunological- Deficiency-Syndrome (AIDS).

Guard Your Eating Habits

Illustrating with an example, over eating of starchy foods, can lead to obesity, damage the cardiac arteries, or block them, leading to heart attacks.Similarly, any of the basic constituents of food if overeaten or if it is deficient, causes disorders of the body.

As the nutritional experts say 'Stuffing the stomach with steak and potatoes, will cause an imbalance in the blood circulation; the blood that ought to be in the brain would be down in the stomach wrestling with the stuffing'. It is wise to keep both under control, so one can faithfully say, 'A healthy body is led by a Healthy Mind'.

Contradicting this statement, if one says, 'A healthy body is alone important, cause the one who seems to be in fair shape will develop a healthy mind. Contemplating on these lines of thought, a man without broken bones or torn tissues, or even without the creeping creatures in between, can develop stress due to some forlorn phase of life, or rather some nagging thought.

Taking into account, a healthy mind supersedes a healthy body, the mind is free from sorrow or pain, and not under any bondage of worries, the idea of a healthy body to be less important is not agreeable. For John Keats, in his youth at the age of twenty-five was a noble poet; yet his body had developed Tuberculosis that had kept him from enjoying a complete being. He wrote several poems: 'To a Nightingale', 'To Autumn', On Melancholy' and so many more. All the same he had to seek a more favorable climate in Italy that would help him recover from his ailment. Much to his dismay, he succumbed to his illness at an early age of twenty-five.

Recalling such events, a fair importance to both body and mind is implied, just as the leverage is applied.

'A bulging or unpolished handbag reveals a disorganized mind'; and 'Gluttony kills more than the sword' are a few quips one needs to heed to. Conveniently, watch and ward both body and mind .


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is true. I agree with this

    • sam3m profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      a healthy mind or a healthy body, take your pick


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