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Which side of the road do you walk?

Updated on March 25, 2012

Where does the road take us to?

I have been all my life nowhere.

Kicking the heat out of clothes

the dust is the only part

they see coming out of it.

The crusade of pockets

reducing us to sweet smell of money

hanging by the drops of blood

the time you spent on it.

Becoming old, getting younger

The marks on your face

The directions on the road

Have you ever looked at the bicycle closely?

It does not run backward or forward.

there is just one direction to go.

Which side of the road do you walk?

There is a parallel line.

You look at the road

And it gives you back.

The road to home

has always looked like the same.

It offered me a chance

to go out and see another roads

in the country

Some roads stretch us to

Deep hidden inside

at times

When we grow afraid

of moving out.

These are the days which make a society

These are the unsung days which make people like me

fall out of favor.

Where do you go but family?

What do you ask them but love?

I ran out of time.

Traveling on these roads

I became another one of those

Who never come back home

because there is

no one such place

as to be called a ‘Home’.

I never came back because I have seen that road too well.


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