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Whims and Consolables

Updated on April 1, 2017

The mood began with a word
that led to careless indifference
gently teasing the imperviousness
it began with abandoned laughter
shrugging off the willful logic
and the closing of many doors

wielding the senses no more
silly shocked into noticing
how they can shoot you in the great sky
without needing direction

the breeze then grew passionate
so many gave up, their umbrellas
floating them me
how we danced on the clouds - leaping
amidst the golden dust and rainbows
to the sun’s amusement and then
with the flaxen moon’s rain

this is how it starts
the soul euphoric in the ribcage
the jewels in our eyes glinting
citrus shivers and thinning gravity
meteors of the mind drifting silent

to live in this dreamy realm
fond heartaches allowed - accepting
the inner dissonance within...
searching for solitary hands
all the joys and cares to share
to admit perception and crave serenity
Can’t we stay a while longer?

Now we awake to the fading music
putting our heads down, we strain to
catch the dreams in cupped hands
like tracing footprints on strange shores

the fabric of my dress, the inky blue of sky…
the cheekbones of his crinkly-eyed smile
…the nimble fingers of the musicians
the red-haired tinkle of her mirth,
the spirited blur of that dance and
the luminous gaze of the stars

Stealing these broken visions
of sun-kissed loss and radiance
we then wondered a little dejectedly
I don’t often feel like this, do I?

Haltingly realize that we've fallen
in love with this sad wistful smile itself
peel it off to hoard it with the others
Keep an eye out (but make it not obvious)
for we have a train to catch and a wish
to climb into that same carriage again


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