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Whirlygig Of Inspiration.

Updated on January 1, 2010

Whirligig Of Inspiration.


Somewhere in
a dank room,
in a cobwebbed
crevice of

my mind,
turns a wheel,
moved by

the fluid
motion of

my thoughts
over many

levels spilt

words drawn from

the inkwell

of my conciousness

and poured

out through

thin tubes
on worn, pulp

pages turning.

A poetic device
that sometimes
only trickles....

often creates

dams and damns
but at

other times
spins madly.

Like the
turnstile of a
hamster racing
around and around

across his frenetic

seeking to get
away from his
caged despair.

Thoughts spring forth,
joyously liberated
as my mind spins
out streams of

Always hoping to
create energy
in those who thirst,
for something more

than the usual
outpourings that
reader's must digest.



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